To call the command line, click start or press the Windows key with the image of a waving flag, look in the all programs menu. Select the folder "Standard" paragraph "Command prompt" by clicking on it with the left mouse button.
In Windows operating system to paste the text in several ways. If you are accustomed to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert, when working with the command line they will have to forget - here these combinations do not work.
If you don't want to type the text manually, there is only one way – insert command with the mouse. Copy to clipboard command, call the command line, click on the desired location, right-click and select the context menu item "Paste". Press Enter to confirm the command input.
If for some reason the paste command from the clipboard using the mouse does not work, change the keyboard layout to Cyrillic (this is important) and press the keyboard shortcut Alt+Space (spacebar)+Q. this will Open a new dialog box "Properties "Command prompt".
Go to the General tab and set the marker in the "Quick paste" under "Edit". If you are going to not only insert text into the command lineand copy the data from it into other documents, also check the box for "QuickEdit mode".
Click OK to confirm your action. The system will prompt you: "Change properties to current window only" (settings will remain in place as long as you don't close the command prompt window) or "Modify shortcut that started this window" (the selected options will apply for each call to the command line).
Depending on your needs, select one of the marker fields and click OK. To copy text from the command line, select it with your mouse and press Ctrl+C. To copy data shortcuts apply.