In the first step you need to create a link to insert.Insert links to the page in the language of programmers means adding the tag with the appropriate attributes in the HTML source code of the page. HTML (HyperText Markup Language "hypertext markup language") is intended for the browser language commands display all of the elements of the page "tags" - this is the best team, "attributes" explanatory information to these teams. Team (tag), the browser displays the page, Hyperlink, consists of the opening and closing parts, between which is placed the link text, or picture, or any other item. Simple sample text link:<a href="page.html">link Text</a>Mandatory explanatory information (attribute) placed in the opening tag. The name of the "href" attribute contains the link address. Here is the short address ("relative"). It is used if the document referenced is in the same folder as the document containing the link. A full ("absolute") address looks like this:<a href="/index.php">link Text</a>Other additional information can contain, for example, the instruction to open the link in a new window. The corresponding attribute is called target:<a href="page.html" target="_blank">link Text</a>Tag may contain a large number of attributes, for example, to the two above, you can add instructed search engines not to index this link:<a href="page.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">link Text</a>On the basis of all the listed information, you can generate the hyperlink code to insert in the page and go to the next step.
It remains to insert the prepared html-code link to the source code of the page. The easiest way is to use the system to manage your website - it can not be the page editor. Navigate to and open the desired page and then switch editor mode to edit html code (button for this is in the editor pane).If the content management system you are using, then download and open in text editor file with the source code of the page. For download the easiest way to use the file Manager in the control panel of the hosting company. It allows you to upload files directly through the browser. But you can do it by FTP Protocol (File Transfer Protocol – "FTP") using a special program - FTP-client. Free and paid versions of such programs you can find and download a lot (for example, FlashFXP, Cute FTP, WS FTP, etc.).
Now find the code in the correct place to insert links and add prepared code.If you use the online editor, then just save the changes. If the page editing in a text editor, then save and upload to the server in the same way that you used to download.The procedure for inserting links to complete.