Advice 1: How to run a program in DOS

In modern versions of Windows no operating system is DOS (Disk Operating System - Disk operating system"), but there is a special component that simulates the DOS commands. This component is called the terminal emulator command line and its capabilities enough to run the programs, but whether they work in the environment of modern operating systems, depends on the specific program.
How to run a program in DOS
Open a terminal command prompt. You can use the standard run dialog of Windows programs, which opens the select "Run" from the main menu on the "start" button. If your operating system version, this command does not appear in the main menu, use the hotkey combination win + r. In the run dialog type cmd and click OK.
The result of the previous step will launch the command line terminal, which is a separate window with white letters on a black background. You can't expand it to full screen, it is in the upper part of the usual menu with a range of features and hotkeys of Windows in it too, do not apply. However, in the context menu by right-clicking the mouse on a black background, there are a few commands. In particular there is present the paste command, which can be useful in the next step.
At the prompt, enter the full address of the executable file of the program you want to run. Doing it manually is not always convenient, so you can use the copy and paste. To copy the full path in Windows Explorer - navigate to the folder containing the desired file, then select and copy (ctrl + c) the path in the address bar of file Manager. Then switch back to the terminal command prompt, click anywhere, right click and select in context menu the paste operation. Then append the executable file name using a backslash (\).
If your program has a shortcut in the operating system, instead of the Conductor the full address of the file can be copied in its properties. However, copied into the target field value before inserting into the command line will need to be cleaned from the quotes at the beginning and end of the row.
Press enter and the DOS emulator will run the software you want.

Advice 2 : How to run the game in full screen

Computers sometimes behave so self-willed that the user can't do anything about it. One of the most common examples of habit run a particular game only in windowed mode, that causes a lot of problems.
How to run the game in full screen
Check the "startup options". To do this, click the right mouse button on the icon that start the program and select "Properties". There you will see a line like: "Object: D:GamesHoMMh3blade.exe –windowed". This is the address of the file referenced by the shortcut. Note PostScript "–windowed" at the end – if there is one, because of it game run in windowed mode. Feel free to delete the specified parameter and run the shortcut without it, the problem in 90% of cases will be solved.
Try hot keys. Of course, hotkeys for each game can be individual, but the most common combination: Alt + Enter, which should expand the game immediately after pressing. Try not to switch directly during the game, go to this main menu or at least put a pause – so you can protect yourself from the crashes to the system and bugs. If the above combination is not suitable, try to search the descriptions of the games other options.
Change the resolution of the screen. Technically this would not be a "full-run", but practically – the game window will unfold in full screen and provide some comfort. You will be required to match the resolution of the game and monitor: to increase the value of one or decrease the other (if the monitor resolution is set to 1024x768, then in the game options you should put the same value).
Use the settings of the game. Of course, this is the most obvious solution, but sometimes users forget about him. Go to "Settings" in the game, and check the option "Run in windowed mode" was not enabled "flag" or "tick". If it's not in the options, check the settings menu in the "launcher" is a program which can be found in the root directory of the game. It regulates the possible settings before starting the game. Very often the problem included the windowed mode face inattentive users of the games on the Source engine, many games which this mode is set by default, but easily turned off via the menu.

Advice 3 : How to run a program from the command line

Absolutely all programs can be run from the command line. This opportunity came in the first operating systems including the upcoming Microsoft Windows systems. Previously operating was a solid command line (MS-DOS). Today, many software developers include in your distribution the ability to run a single file using the command line.
How to run a program from the command line
You will need
  • The command line operating system cmd.exe).
For a simple program run from the command line, you must do the following:

- click "start menu" - select "All programs" - "Accessories" - "Command line";

- in the opened window it is necessary to return to the disk "C" at the end of the line, type "cd.." and press Enter. Repeat this step several times to complete the transition to the disk "C";

- enter the full path to the programs you start (C:\Program Files\KeyTweak\KeyTweak.exe).
You can also run the program with different parameters. These options complement the actions performed by the program. Additional parameters appear as additional notes to the main line of the program starts.
Command line with optional parameters could look like the following:
"C:\Program Files\KeyTweak\KeyTweak.exe" u-r –y.

C:\Program Files\KeyTweak\KeyTweak.exe - the full path to the program, Key Tweak.
Used in this example, the parameters of the program, Key Tweak:

- "u" – a quick start program;

- "-r ' - restore the last saved changes;

- "-y" to answer "Yes" to the incoming system requests.
To create a cmd file should:

- create a new text document with the extension .txt.

to record the required set of commands.

- save the new file with the extension .cmd.

After performing these steps, run the file.
How to run command prompt. To open a command prompt, you must first select the start menu -> Run" (English version "Start -> Run"). In the opened window type the command "cmd" and click "OK". On your screen a window will appear with a black background and a blinking cursor underscore.
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