You will need
  • ОС Windows.
Launch the terminal command prompt - go to the main menu of the operating system, start typing "com" and click "Command prompt" in the list of search results. In earlier versions of Windows - Windows XP - press Win + R, type cmd, and press Enter.
If the desired folder is not located on the system drive, type the letter of the desired volume, place a colon and press Enter. You can then type the command go to the specific folder of the disk.
Use the command chdir or its shortened version cd to navigate to the desired folder. The only required parameter that you must specify with this command is the path to the folder from the root directory of the disk. Enter it, separated from the command by a space, and then press Enter.
Windows the latest versions, Vista and Seven have the opportunity to run the CLI with the already completed transition to the desired folder. To do this, use the file Manager of the operating system - Windows Explorer. Go with it in your directory, press the Shift key and click the folder icon with the right mouse button. Select the context menu item "Open command window here", and the rest - start a terminal and navigate to this folder - do the OS.
Windows Explorer can be used and working with the cd command in an already running emulator command line. First, in the usual way, type the command and put a space. In order not to type the long address of the folder location, copy it into the address line of the file Manager and switch to command line terminal. Standard Windows hotkeys, including designated operations of copy and paste do not work, so open the context menu and select "Paste". After that you press Enter to complete the transaction.