Some people for their professional or any other activity has a lot to say. They have involuntarily formed an extensive vocabulary, and the ability to communicate is developed through such regular natural workouts. But such people are not too much. If you are really decided to learn beautifully and correctly to speak, you have to practice a lot.
Increase the time of intercourse. If no companions to help TV. Try to adjust to the speech of the speaker. It may not immediately begin to happen. It is necessary to speak out loud, otherwise you will not achieve the desired effect. As a result of such training, you should form a smooth it with the necessary semantic pauses. Vocabulary will be replenished with the correct conversational language.
Eliminate from your vocabulary words-parasites. Avoid long pauses. Always try to respect the coherence of the speech.
In conversation, people share information. The ability to fully and vividly present to her companion, too, can learn. Significantly increase the information content of speech will help you a game called "talk about anything". One of the interlocutors offers another subject about which he should say a good literary language for five minutes. At first it is not easy. Gradually increase this time to 10 or even 15 minutes.
Make a rule daily reading of books and articles. This will also help to expand your vocabulary. Try to remember vibrant pace, expressions, statements. All this will help to make your speech colorful and memorable.
Improve the technique of speech, a daily practice. Stand before the mirror, tell yourself everything that happened during the day. Watch your facial expressions and gestures.