First, do not worry. Your tenderness has not gone, she just fell asleep. To Wake her up quite easily, you need to put a bit of effort. This will make it even easier, if you just sit down and think about how you were good together, and what is really in your relationship, nothing has changed. You just ran and forgot that you are near native person you're very much in love. Analyze your relationship. Do not deprive you of your partner. He might also miss your tenderness. Previously, he received so much of your affection, now he can be unclear in her absence.
Second, be sure to talk with your partner. No need to wait that he will guess all your wishes. When will both realize that you each other not enough, to solve the problem will be much easier.
Thirdly, start to behave like in the beginning of your relationship. When you will pass your Pat on the back or kiss on the cheek, and do not scold that again he is watching TV. Organize a small picnic with the whole family. Laugh, hug, hold hands, make each other compliments.