"I am an old soldier and alien to me words of love"

Unfortunately, the majority of men living under this slogan and do not want to Express their feelings, while women suffer from it, because you want warmth, sincerity and romance. For men to Express tenderness comparable to that weakness, so they prefer not to show their feelings. In fact, this has its explanation. The representatives of the stronger sex are influenced by many genetic and cultural factors.
If you show patience and use feminine wiles, you will be able to teach a loved one to be more attentive and caring.

Do not hold the man scandals, if it lights up immediately after making love, writes you a beautiful SMS and calls you gentle words. More than 60 % of women on various forums complain that their Boyfriends don't show tenderness. Why is it so? The behavior of the strong half of humanity is affected by society. From birth, boys are taught not to show their emotions – in this weakness. From childhood they play in your war, fight and pull girls pigtails. In addition, rude men has biological roots. In the male body more of the hormones that are responsible for aggression and cruelty. Therefore, male gender is more hardy and his primary task is to defend their offspring and territory.
From this it follows that in the grip of biological characteristics and social rules, men just tend not to show feelings, but they can learn it thanks to the wisdom of women.

How to teach a man to show affection?

Only with patience and tenderness you'll be able to avoid the biggest mistakes. You should not blame your beloved that he is not romantic. This will cause his side of aggression and an even greater reluctance to do something for you. Man is changing, if it is encouraged, but even then, the manifestations of tenderness a little bit indecisive and need your support. Treasure these moments.

Show by example, how to behave, but don't overdo it. In all important Golden mean. Try replacing the phrase "it is a pity that you so seldom say you love me" with words of gratitude and encouragement. In addition to moral support, important bodily. Unkind man unconsciously brings any bodily contact to sexual. That is, every touch is sexual value. To bring it to a gentle impulses, it is necessary to destroy this relationship in his mind. It is very important to learn how to give him pleasure not only in bed. Make him massage and from time to time go on all sorts of treatments – it makes you very bring together. Spend more time with your loved ones and don't skimp on the emotions and feelings.