You will need
    • Krupa
    • coffee grinder
    • a blender or spice mill.
To make flour of crackers easier. Just put the crackers in a blender or coffee grinder and grind them to the maximum. This meal will taste very similar to the usual flour. It is useful to you in cases of emergency when regular flour will not be at hand, and you urgently will need to make gravy or fries.
As for flour from cereals. Only clean dry cereal is suitable for flour. If your cereal is dirty, rinse it well and dry in the oven or in a frying pan, stirring constantly. Now you can send it to grinding. The most delicious flour obtained from buckwheat and oats. You can make the flour not only fine grinding, but the larger to your product was impressive and unusual.
Very convenient to add to the usual flour flour homemade. Mix the flours, you will receive a new product, and the taste of the finished product will surprise you.
Prepared flour is best stored in paper bags, wooden packaging, but in any case not in plastic bags. Improper storage can lead to the spread of mold and bugs. Make sure that odors do not affect the finished flour and generally try to use it within six months. After this period, the product will not be usable.