Flour paste.

Depending on the required consistency, one part of flour takes from two to eight parts water.

First you need to sift the flour through a sieve. Then boil some water and gradually, in small portions add the flour. The resulting mixture подогревать15-20 minutes in a water bath or slow fire. To use the paste you need for one day because it quickly turns sour.
Potato paste.

Starch pour a small amount of water and very carefully stir to eliminate lumps. The density of the resulting mass should be similar to sour cream. To this mixture, a thin stream pour the boiling water, stirring constantly. Once the color becomes transparent and gelatinous consistency, the paste is ready. You can start work.
, Dextrin paste.

Potato starch heat in a iron pan to about 400 degrees. Should be brown, translucent lumps. They need to grind into powder. 10 g of the resulting powder to dissolve 20-25 holodnoy water. To increase claymania durable is the paste made from rye flour, but because of the dark color it is used only for gluing of simple Wallpapers. For expensive Wallpaper using a paste of sifted wheat flour. Paste made from potato flour paste over less, as they are less durable.power, add 2-3 g of sugar and stir until dissolved. This type of paste is mainly used for gluing paper.