You will need
    • buckwheat,coffee grinder
You can easily diversify your daily menu, if your house appears buckwheat flour. Savory buckwheat bake bread, pancakes, dumplings, biscuits. Buckwheat flour is widely used in baby food because it is prepared faster and retain more of their healing properties. This flour you can buy in any big store, but much nicer to do it with their hands.
Take a common buckwheat and loop it from debris.
Rinse groats with warm water until until the water is transparent.
Calcined buckwheat in a skillet until light crackles. Then cool it, spread out on the table.
Crunch in a coffee grinder in small portions.
Store received the flour in a bag in a dry, dark and ventilated place.
Meals that contain buckwheat, improve bowel function and helps with constipation, lower cholesterol in the blood, improve memory, normalize blood pressure, strengthen the heart. There is even a diet that is very effective. Buckwheat increases the level of dopamine, which can cure mild depression. Cook buckwheat dishes at least once a week and you'll be healthy, happy and in great shape!