Low calorie replacement

Wheat flour is easy to substitute rice, corn or almond flour, the latter prepared at home by grinding raw almonds in a blender or coffee grinder. Also a great replacement will serve as buckwheat, coconut or flax meal, which, in addition to their nizkokaloriynoe, still possess many beneficial properties.

As for the proportions, to replace one tablespoon of flour will need 0.5 tablespoon corn or potato starch, 0.5 tablespoon of starch from the rhizomes of arrowroot, 2 tablespoons of manioc flour, or 0.5 tbsp of rice flour. So baking was more delicious when it is cooking you should use not one but several types of flour.

To replace one Cup of wheat flour you need to take 0.5 cups barley flour, 0.75 Cup oat flour, 1 Cup corn flour 0.6 Cup potato flour, 1 partial Cup finely ground corn flour or 0.9 cups of rice flour. Also 1 Cup of white flour you can substitute 1.25 cups rye flour 1 Cup rice flour 0.5 Cup rye flour, mixed with 0.5 Cup of potato flour, 1.3 Cup ground oatmeal, 1 tbsp. soy flour mixed with 0.75 cups of potato flour or 0.7 cups of rye flour mixed with 0.3 Cup of potato flour.

Secrets replacement

When replacing wheat flour to the above ingredients you need to know some secrets that will allow you to prepare nice and lush pastries. Thus, the use of corn and rice flour can make the dough komkovatost and heterogeneity. To avoid this, you need these two ingredients mix with water (according to recipe), boil, cool and add remaining ingredients. Soy flour must always be mixed with another flour, but the flour mixture and the flour sifted never. The dough in which no wheat flour, eggs and milk, you need to bake on low heat.

Before you add the liquid flour mixture must be thoroughly mixed with other dry products. 1 Cup flour put 2,5 teaspoon baking powder – the dough made from such flour will go longer than dough made from wheat and will be more liquid or dense.

When replacing wheat flour is recommended to bake cookies, muffins or other small items that are better grilled. Also, be aware of nastina pastry dries quickly, so it needs to be stored in sealed containers, and for breading use corn or ground rice cereal.