You will need
  • - agricultural fiber;
  • - stones or paving slabs;
  • - thick wire;
  • - shovel;
  • - sharp knife.
Please note that the beds with strawberries quickly the weeds grow and put a lot of slugs. Besides, this berry grows "whiskers" and leaves that hinder the harvest. To ease the process of growing strawberries, use agrotextile.
This material has several advantages: the berry much easier to take care of, "whiskers" and the weeds are not growing, due to the low degree of humidity slugs do not start, the mole cricket and ants do not spoil the beds. Prepare the garden bed in the spring, buying seedlings, or in the midst of the season by purchasing plants already in fruit.
The bushes with berries planted separately from other plants and wait until they grow "whiskers". Try to only keep the young strawberries. Berry is older than four years should ditch. When you prepare material for planting, begin to make itself a bed. Select a suitable plot of land.
Find the sunniest place. Do not pay attention to the presence or absence of draught in this area, strawberries need as much sun. Put a marking for the selected band and start to dig up the soil. Try to make the bed rectangular, one side must be a multiple of the width of agropolitan.
Carefully dig and loosen the soil. You will not need to cultivate the land three to four years. Take a strip of AGROSALON, matching the size of your garden. Put it and fasten bent in half 70-80 cm pieces of wire.
AGROSALON plank overlap, one layer should overlap the other by at least 20 centimeters. Press all joints and corners of any material, secure the fibers using the "pins" of wire. Think about the track - it must be broad enough to make it comfortable to walk.
Bend or sit down and extend your arm forward. Measure the distance from the foot to the fingertips and multiply the number by two. This will be the distance between the tracks.
The edge of the AGROSALON on the perimeter of the beds giving the same material from which is made carpet. Make marks on agropolitan in places where you plan to plant strawberries. Crosswise cut the canvas with a knife, remove the outside corners. In the resulting notch plant a Bush, the corners of the wrap inside.
Do this with every Bush, just don't make the fit too deep. Pour over the strawberries. In hot weather, watering berries two or three times a day in the evening. At other times it should be done less frequently. Unable to use appropriate fertilizers. In spring and autumn, cut off old leaves and "moustache".