Seeds for planting of seedlings strawberries can be bought in store or self-procured collected in August berries. The top layer of the pulp, cut, RUB and wipe dry in the sun. When the mass is dry, grind it between your fingers. So you clean the seeds from the pulp residue. After that, they need to be bulking in a paper bag.

Sowing seeds for seedlings to produce a crop should be made no later than the last week of January. You will need a seedling box at least 15 cm in height. It should half fill with soil and properly watered.

Lay the seeds on the surface of the ground is not to fall asleep. Cover the box with plastic or piece of glass to create a greenhouse effect. Put in a warm, well-ventilated place. The soil should be slightly moist. When sprouts appear, polyethylene is time to remove and rearrange the box in a better place.

When growing strawberries in pots to dive the seedlings should be when the first leaves appear. When growing strawberries on the balcony you need to choose a place for it – it should be well lit, while it should be possible to cover the plants from the direct rays of the sun. To plant berry bushes in simple boxes and pots designed for color. To improve flowering and fruiting useful from time to time to feed the strawberries. The soil must be plenty of humus.

Capacity for growing:

- well suited to pots designed for growing flowers (1 plant – 1 pot size of at least 15X15 cm);

- stacked pots;

- the basket;

- balcony boxes – width 20 cm, depth – 15 cm and more.

Further care make:

- young plants will need to remove the 3 bottom of the sheet. When the Bush grows up to 10 cm, remove the crown;

- remove with a strawberry mustache, after removal it is necessary to hold the dressing;

- pollination can produce cotton swab;

- regular watering strawberries.

If you care strawberries can bear fruit on the balcony all summer.