You will need
  • - strawberry seeds;
  • - peat;
  • - humus;
  • - sand;
  • water;
  • - plastic film;
  • - disposable cups;
  • - pots;
  • - balcony;
  • - the blade;
  • - ammonium nitrate;
  • - zinc sulfate;
  • - superphosphate;
  • - boric acid;
  • manganese-sour potassium.
  • - sulphuric acid copper;
  • - ammonium molybdate;
  • - foam.
For growing on the balcony of a low select varieties of strawberries. These include early strawberries Clery, Darselect mid-season, late Florence and other varieties, the height of which does not exceed 25 cm, with fragrant sweet fruits.
Prepare soil mix: to do this, take equal proportions of peat, sand and humus (use crumbly humus). Place the soil mixture is heated at from 90 to 100C oven for 3-4 hours. The best soil for the strawberry is considered to be a mixture in which half-decayed peat and mineral fertilizers.
Sowing seeds of strawberry run in February-March. On the surface of slightly damp soil mixture gently press the seed mixture with sand (seeds do not fall asleep with soil). Seedlings appear within 30 days. In order to speed up the process, cover the crops with plastic film and leave for a few days in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf (the recommended temperature of 5 to 7оС). Then place the seeds in a room with temperature not more than 20 ° C until germination. When the first two leaves, transplant the seedlings in plastic disposable cups and place in a room with a temperature of 14-16оС.
Planted seedlings to permanent pots in the month of may (if the balcony is glazed, the fit can be performed in April). First you plant the seedlings in pots with a capacity of 0,5-0,7 liters and place it on the window sill, and at the end of may (April) transplant in the balcony boxes.
Pour the strawberry water supernatant at room temperature in the morning or evening 1-2 times a week. Watering can combine with the root fertilizing, conduct which is recommended 1 every 15-20 days. For feeding, prepare the following solution: 10 liters of water, add 30 g of ammonium nitrate, 40 g of zinc sulfate, 180 g of superphosphate, 0.3 mg ammonium molybdate, 40 mg of boric acid, 20 mg of potassium acid manganese, 1 mg copper sulphate, 40 g of potassium sulfate and 2 mg of zinc sulfate. Ten liters of solution is enough to feed 45-50 plants.
Immediately after the first harvest (usually it's the month of June) cut off the flower stalks and leaves at a height of 3-5 cm from the horn, the Central leaves do not damage. This procedure is repeated prostimulirujte fruiting (August-September).
For winter containers strawberry winterize, foam, film or other material. If possible take them outside in a cellar or basement and store until spring at a temperature of from -2 to +2 o C.