You will need
  • - sea salt;
  • - Apple cider vinegar;
  • - propolis;
  • - alcohol;
  • - calendula flowers;
  • - alcohol tincture of calendula;
  • - vaseline;
  • - hop cones;
  • - infusion of burdock;
  • - juice of Euphorbia;
  • - iodine;
  • - Vishnevsky ointment.
If you or someone from your family has developed some strange rash that is localized in certain locations on the extremities, back, abdomen, scalp - try not to waste time on self-diagnosis, if you are not a doctor. In some cases to determine the disease, you must pass tests and skin you need to take a scraping. And only after that doctor will decide how to cure ringworm if you find that this is one of its varieties.
In order not to increase the area of spread of the disease, in any case, you should not take baths. They recommend to replace taking a shower.
As a favorable environment for disease progression is usually warm and humid climate, pay attention to your clothes. Try not to wear synthetics. Better if the body will touch natural cotton materials which can quickly absorb sweat.
If you are prone to heavy sweating, you will help water and salt water. For this purpose, two tablespoons sea salt dissolve in 10 litres of cool water. Oblates this solution and wait a while (preferably leather dry on your own). Places of greatest perspiration apply antiperspirant or deodorant.
The affected skin treat antifungal or antiviral drugs that you prescription.
In any case, try to close the places affected ringworm from direct sunlight.
The most important condition for rapid treatment depriving any origin is a clean house. Try to remove at least during the fleecy fabric (carpets, capes, etc.). Daily vacuum floors and wipe them with disinfectant. If possible, look for the quartz lamp and treat it the room several times a week.
The clothes of the patient should be boiled and carefully ironed. Remember that viable spores can save in a year and a half.
Some types of lichen disappear when using folk methods of treatment. Affected place you can try to grease with a solution (1:1) Apple cider vinegar.
Dissolve 25 g of propolis in 100 g of alcohol and insist in a week. This fluid lubricate zoster.
Lubricate the affected area with an alcohol tincture of calendula (can be purchased at the drugstore) and then apply the ointment. Ointment from marigold flowers is prepared simply: 10 g of flowers, crushed into powder, spread with 50 grams of vaseline.
Prepare a decoction of 10 g of hop cones and 200 ml of boiling water. It should be applied externally. A decoction can also wash your head with hair loss (with ringworm).
Well helps the infusion and decoction of burdock as a poultice or compress.
You can try to lubricate sore spots with the juice of a Euphorbia (any type).
Some species of lichen can be destroyed, lubricating the lesions with a solution of iodine.
A very good remedy against lichen – Vishnevsky ointment. And yet remember that it is better not to self-medicate, and get professional help medical professional. It is faster and more reliable.