For two weeks lubricate the spots of lichen juice of Euphorbia three or four times a day.
Take 100 ml of alcohol, macrosite in it 30 g of bee propolis and leave to infuse for weeks. Liquid lubricate the sore spots several times a day. The effect is very fast.
Boil and chop the blueberries from the resulting mass make compresses. RUB the sore spots of raisins or prunes, passed through a meat grinder.
Apply to affected area undiluted Apple cider vinegar three to four times a day. A few minutes after its application the itching and burning sensation of the skin will disappear. In such treatment the ringworm is healing very quickly.
The sore spot RUB garlic, minced and then RUB birch charcoal mixed with the juice of fresh burdock root. Duration of treatment should be not less than thirty minutes.
Pour 5 tablespoons chopped dry grass celandine with one liter of boiled water, to boil on weak fire for ten minutes, let stand two hours and strain. Use the decoction as a compress.
Use for zoster treatment ointment of hops, burdock and calendula. Prepare a decoction of hop cones, burdock root and calendula flowers, taken in equal quantities. Mix the broth with vaseline in the ratio 1:2. This ointment apply to the affected areas in a thin layer several times.
Grind 2 tbsp. l. flowers of snapdragons and mix with a small amount of butter to make a thick mass. Apply ointment generously to affected areas.
Crumple a sheet of blank paper and set it on fire on the plate. At the bottom of the plate will appear dark substance. This substance spread ringworm several times a day. Treatment need to until it passes.
Garlic mince and mix with butter. RUB the ointment in the affected area. You can do cold compresses garlic. In any case, do not use alcohol tincture of garlic - this will worsen the condition.