Advice 1: How to treat shingles folk remedies

Zoster is quite a widespread disease. Often occurs in children after contact with stray dogs and cats. But can occur on the background of nervous and mental diseases, as well as because of violations of the endocrine system. Varieties of diseases are considered to be: pink zoster, cutting, girdling, and scaly red flat lichen.
How to treat shingles folk remedies
Pityriasis versicolor (versicolor Gibert) is an inflammatory and flaky pink spot. It has a rounded shape and a banded rim more vivid colors. The area of distribution of the disease is back, stomach, chest? and the sides.
One of the most popular folk recipes vs pink lichen is considered to be the cream of boiled garlic and honey. The resulting mass apply to the affected area, cover compress paper and primenjuje. In the morning remove the bandage, lubricate it with gasoline, and return to its original place.
Can boil fresh, well-washed, dug up the roots of geranium. Decoction ringworm rinse, and then apply it on the affected area bandage soaked in it. For wiping, use a decoction of birch buds. In a Cup of boiling water brew 1 Cup of kidney, boil for 20 minutes. Then let infuse and strain.
Pink zoster.
Ringworm – contagious fungal disease, which is a scaly patches on the hair areas of the head. On the damaged hair break off.
For the treatment of this species of lichen prepare a tincture of 250 gr. minced garlic, bathed in ¼ l of vodka. Stir the resulting mass and allow to steep for 7 days, then strain. Ready means RUB in a circular motion in the center Stripping. Throughout the treatment is not recommended to wash your hair.
You can lubricate the sore spot, the broken berry dark raisins, apply compresses of cranberry juice. One of the most popular folk treatment remedies for ringworm is garlic. Cut it into slices and apply the juice to affected areas. After these procedures, it is desirable to RUB into the skin a mixture of birch charcoal and the juice of burdock in a ratio of 1 : 1.
Herpes zoster is an infectious disease caused by the herpes virus. Area of distribution is usually the ribs. In this disease apply the grated pumpkin in a gauze bandage. Change the medium every 12 hours.
Effective folk remedies here is Apple cider vinegar. Lubricate them sore area 3-4 times a day. If you Wake in the night unable to proceed during night awakenings. After 15 minutes, Apple cider vinegar relieves itching, and the disease recedes after a few days.
Pityriasis versicolor (multicolored) – a fungal disease of the skin. The spots have different shapes and sizes, can merge with each other.
For the treatment of this species of lichen use of fragrant the root, powdered and mixed with butter at the rate of 1:5. Lubricate the affected areas with a mixture of 2 times a day.
A good remedy is tincture of Hypericum. Pour 2 tablespoons of herbs Cup of boiling water and leave for an hour. Effective here also the sealing oil, the juice of the medicinal marigold, infused with vodka in a ratio of 1:5, the pressed juice of onions, or four cranberries.
Pityriasis versicolor.
Red flat herpes is a reddish nodules on the wrists, abdomen, chest, constantly merging together. In this case, can the above undiluted Apple cider vinegar used as a compress left on for 10 minutes. Use 4-6 times a day.

Prepare a special ointment. Take 1 tbsp. spoon of calendula flowers, 2 tbsp. spoon burdock root and hop cones, ground pour a glass of boiling water, boil and strain. 1 tbsp. of the resulting broth mixed with 2 tbsp of vaseline. Ointment apply to the affected area of the skin several times a day thin layer.
Popular recipe from the red lichen is the grated beets. The slurry attach to deprive and tie. As the drying of beet in the fresh to replace until the disease passes. Can use to cool off the broth peppermint, a mixture of 100 g of honey and tbsp of the ash of garlic, a compress of infusion of the leaves of burdock.
Remember, whatever kind of depriving you suffered, the treatment your doctor is essential to a speedy recovery.
Lichen planus.

Advice 2: How to treat lichen planus

Red flat zoster is a disease of unknown origin in which the skin form of papular eruptions. Is characterized by prolonged course. Proven the relationship of the disease with disorders of the nervous system and long-term administration of many drugs. The color of the lesions - thick red, bluish or brownish. In the center of the papules have indentations. Nodes can merge and form a visible mesh pattern.
How to treat lichen planus
You will need
  • - propolis;
  • - vaseline;
  • - melted butter;
  • - chicken eggs;
  • - burdock root.
Traditional medicine offers ointments prepared on the propolis for the treatment of lichen planus. For night lubrication of affected areas prepare propolis vaseline. Take 15 grams of propolis and cool in the freezer, so it can be easily grated. Heat in a water bath 100 grams of vaseline and add the grated propolis. Constantly stir the composition for 15 minutes propolis will dissolve, then the mixture must drain. The ointment is prepared. The affected areas at night to lubricate and sabantuya with compression paper.
For daytime use, prepare a propolis ointment in clarified butter. It is much more liquid, it lubricate the skin of the day, without any bandaging.
The old method of curing the disease with the use of chicken eggs. Hard boil 10 eggs, remove the yolks, place them on a dry frying pan and vytaplivaete of them "butter" over low heat, collecting every drop. The resulting oil lubricate the affected area 2 times a day, no capping, not to lose a single drop.
At the same time with external treatment, it is recommended to take an infusion of burdock root inside. 15 grams crushed into flour, burdock root pour 200 grams of boiling water, insist 2-3 hours in a warm place. Take a tablespoon 3 times a day and 2 tablespoons at night for a long time.
There is an opinion about the existence of predisposition to this disease.
Useful advice
In the treatment of lichen planus is of great importance to identify and eliminate the causes that contributed to its emergence. You must conduct a thorough examination of the internal organs, indicators of blood sugar and neuropsychiatric status.

Advice 3: How to treat ringworm on a dog

Like any other infectious disease, ringworm is able to take long-form, representing a particular danger. If the disease is not timely cured, then it can become chronic. However, these days to treat this disease, there are a number of effective drugs that will help your dog get rid of ringworm.
Ringworm in the initial stages
You will need
  • Tincture of iodine, pure water, a muzzle on his neck, antibiotics, antifungal ointments, vitamins, disinfectants.
Ringworm (dermatophytosis) is one of the most common infectious diseases in the world. It is more common in dogs and in humans. The causative agent of ringworm is a fungus trihofitonom. This fungus is quite stable in the environment , survives in very cold or hot weather, is easily transmitted from one animal to another. Your dog may catch ringworm from another sick dog through the manger or the litter.
Despite the fact that the disease grows rapidly progressing and difficult to treat, most pet owners with the right approach to treatment easily and quickly save their Pets from leaving.
Basically ringworm affects people and animals with weak immunity. In particular, at risk include very young or very old people and animals. In addition, the weaker and smaller the animal, the more severe are the consequences of the disease. For example, for cats with ringworm more dangerous. than for dogs, because it quickly affects all the healthy areas of the skin.
Disease begins with an incubation period, is not accompanied by symptoms. It lasts from 10 to 30 days. Then in dogs occur on the skin of the muzzle, ears, tail gray scaly patches that have different form and size. Later, these spots spread to the legs, back and sometimes stomach. The dog scratched, her hair all fall out on the affected skin well visible sore spots.
If you suspect your dog have ringworm, the first thing you should do is to limit the contact of sick dog with children and other animals. You should observe good personal hygiene, always wash your hands, treat the floor with disinfectant.
As with all fungal diseases, treatment of trichophytosis should begin with the purpose of potent antifungal drugs. Most fungi has a high sensitivity to medications, which include iodine. Therefore, for the treatment of lichen are widely used drugs based on this substance. Also use drugs such as "Dermatol", "Juglone", "Griseofulvin". Often in the course of treatment include antibiotics.
Before applying ointments and other remedies should cut out the dog's coat to treat the affected area with clean water and then with iodine. Then apply the ointment. It is important to ensure that the dog is not licking of the place to which it is applied. In addition, the dog gives vitamins, strengthen the immune system.The sooner treatment is started, the better it will be for you and your pet.
If you suspect your dog have ringworm, you should limit its contact with people and other animals and immediately contact your veterinarian.
Useful advice
Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Do not be lazy time to exercise in a veterinary clinic vaccinations dogs from leaving, and the likelihood of her of this disease will drop significantly.

Advice 4: How to treat ringworm in a kitten

Cutting shingles is an infectious disease that is caused by the fungi dermatophytes. Adult cats with a strong immune system, even when in contact with sick animals may not get sick. But kittens whose immunity is not as high because of their age are rarely able to resist this infection. How to treat ringworm from a kitten?
How to treat ringworm in a kitten
You will need
  • antifungal ointments;
  • antifungal shampoos;
  • oral drugs against depriving;
  • - a pair of scissors.
The sooner you notice the symptoms of this disease in your pet, the easier it will be to restore him to health. If you have a suspicion that kitty could catch it, then carefully inspect your kid and if he has the classic symptoms of lichen - small round patches that lack hair, be sure to bring your furry friend to the vet.
In no case do not self - incorrectly selected medications or excess dose may lead to serious consequences until the death of the kitten!
Most likely, for the treatment of depriving your meowing baby will be assigned a special anti-fungal ointments - tiabendazol or miconazol. Effective treatment, gently wastegate animal hair in places where it is necessary to apply ointment. Try not to irritate and not to hurt the delicate skin of the kitten - it will not only hurt him, but will provoke the further spread of lichen.
Scissors, which you carried out this manipulation, after each use be sure to treat alcohol or vodka - they contain the spores of ringworm, and being sterile can become a source of reinfestation of the animal.
Also, your kitten can be recommended anti-fungal shampoos, which is composed of etilbenzola and miconazole. Wash your pet's prescription drugs as often as it is prescribed by a veterinarian.
In severe cases where creams and shampoos after a few weeks of treatment did not help, and ringworm progresses rapidly, spreading even to the claws and causing a General deterioration in the condition of the animal, he can be appointed by the medication in pill form. Dosage of oral drugs is chosen only by a physician and in strict accordance with the age of the animal.
Ringworm can be transmitted from kitten to person, therefore, caring for animals, be careful and always wear gloves!

Advice 5: How to treat ringworm in cats

Common skin disease cats – ringworm is not a sentence. Now there are many ointments and medicines, which quickly and successfully cope with the disease. It is sufficient to observe some rules of hygiene, regularly treatment of wounds. A sick cat should be isolated in a separate room.
How to treat ringworm in cats
Surprisingly, in Soviet times, in veterinary clinics cats, sick ringworm simply put to sleep. It was considered very dangerous to keep such animals in the apartment, because the disease is easily transmitted to humans, and the controversy of lichen can be preserved on the items in the house.
Disputes depriving well destroyed when kvartsevanie premises with bulb and wet cleaning of the surfaces of the chlorinated solution. During the treatment of rooms of people and animals inside shouldn't be.

Now cats for that reason not put to sleep, vets prescribe different treatment methods, which are reduced to the outer wounds and the adoption of integrated medicine. Also, some veterinarians are doing double and triple vaccination from depression, considering them as one of methods of struggle. However, in the West, like vaccinations, for example, "Poliwag" or "Wandern", is used only as a preventive measure, but not for treatment.

Ringworm is a skin disease caused by fungus. A nasty fungal diseases that are easily transmitted to the human and animals in contact and treated for quite a long time.
At the time of illness deprive the cat should be isolated in a separate room or even a large cage. Especially important is quarantine in the house if there are children or other animals.

Treatment of the foci

To lubricate the parts of the skin affected by ringworm, very effective are antifungal creams that are sold in pharmacies and can be used for the treatment of humans and animals. Treatment with ointments cats need to keep them licking the medication, otherwise you may get poisoned. The best are these ointments and creams as "Fungoterbin", "Terbinafine", "Nizoral", "is not", "the last time". There are special veterinary ointment: "Yam", "Sulfur-tar," spray", Zoomicon", but they are more toxic means.

Complex preparations

For large lesions or if the disease is not amenable to external treatment is prescribed complex medication for ingestion. They come in the form of tablets and injections. Some owners of cats are easier to give pills. If the cat resists and doesn't eat the medication can go for treatment to a veterinary clinic for staging shots or do them yourself.

Good results show the drugs as "Rumiko" and "Itraconazole". They are available as capsules with the microgranules. Average weight cat quite one-fourth of the capsules. Granule sleep and interfere in breadcrumbs, then in this form swallowed by the cat.

From injections effective "Griseofulvin" and "Terminated". They are available in the form of solutions for injection in ampoules of 5 ml. Cat is administered not more than 1-2 ml Injections are cats doing in the thigh 2-3 times at intervals of 3-5 days.

Treatment from ringworm can take anywhere from 14 days in mild cases, up to two months – in severe forms of the disease.

Advice 6: How to treat skin herpes

Skin ringworm among the skin diseases is a rather large percentage. It is believed that it can be transmitted by direct contact with sick animals, but the reasons for his appearance on the human skin much more. Treatment of cutaneous lichen requires considerable effort, time and patience.
How to treat skin herpes

The reasons for denying

Today, historians continue to argue about the causes of skin depriving, naming the number of precipitating factors, stress, genes, viruses, weak immune system and allergies. This disease is really often occurs after viral infections – and he is exposed to absolutely all age categories, and the duration of relapses can be several years.

To begin skin herpes can gradually and suddenly appear on the skin itchy pink spot, which people cauterize iodine.

The main reason for the development depriving scientists call fungi or viruses, but the exact mechanism of infection is still neustanovena because not everyone is included in group of risk of skin infected with ringworm. The disease most often occurs in the background such predraspolagatmi factors as reduced immunity, heredity, constant stress, diabetes and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. There are five types of cutaneous lichen – flat, shingles, barn itch, pink and scaly.

The treatment of lichen

Treatment lishainik diseases should be supervised by an experienced dermatologist. In connection with different pathogens zoster, drug therapy must be selected on a strictly individual basis and only after determining the specific pathogen. In treatment of cutaneous lichen usually prescribed anti-fungal, soothing and antihistamines, which can be supplemented by antidepressants and antiviral drugs.

In the treatment of cutaneous lichen is extremely important to avoid contact with household chemicals, household dust and other possible irritants.

Also deprive the patient should follow a diet that excludes the use of alcohol, strong coffee, chocolate, canned and smoked. Symptoms of lichen are treated with various ointments and physiotherapy – at the same time it is necessary to treat comorbidities.

Many effective tools that help in cutaneous lichen can be found in folk medicine. So, well established packs of cranberry juice or cranberry, grated beetroot, sea-buckthorn and undiluted Apple cider vinegar. You can also take sea buckthorn oil – one teaspoon a day and on an empty stomach.

Remember that self-treatment for skin lichen to do is very dangerous – it can lead to complications, unforeseen consequences and the overflow of the disease in the intractable chronic form.

Advice 7: How to cure ringworm

Under this name there are many different skin diseases. Some of them are fungal in nature, others viral, and about the origin of some of them even now, scientists argue. Therefore, the question of how to cure shinglesat once and definitely will not answer no medic. To treat the disease, it should correctly diagnose. And not always it can be done only if the examination of the patient is still required and laboratory tests.
How to cure ringworm
You will need
  • - sea salt;
  • - Apple cider vinegar;
  • - propolis;
  • - alcohol;
  • - calendula flowers;
  • - alcohol tincture of calendula;
  • - vaseline;
  • - hop cones;
  • - infusion of burdock;
  • - juice of Euphorbia;
  • - iodine;
  • - Vishnevsky ointment.
If you or someone from your family has developed some strange rash that is localized in certain locations on the extremities, back, abdomen, scalp - try not to waste time on self-diagnosis, if you are not a doctor. In some cases to determine the disease, you must pass tests and skin you need to take a scraping. And only after that doctor will decide how to cure ringworm if you find that this is one of its varieties.
In order not to increase the area of spread of the disease, in any case, you should not take baths. They recommend to replace taking a shower.
As a favorable environment for disease progression is usually warm and humid climate, pay attention to your clothes. Try not to wear synthetics. Better if the body will touch natural cotton materials which can quickly absorb sweat.
If you are prone to heavy sweating, you will help water and salt water. For this purpose, two tablespoons sea salt dissolve in 10 litres of cool water. Oblates this solution and wait a while (preferably leather dry on your own). Places of greatest perspiration apply antiperspirant or deodorant.
The affected skin treat antifungal or antiviral drugs that you prescription.
In any case, try to close the places affected ringworm from direct sunlight.
The most important condition for rapid treatment depriving any origin is a clean house. Try to remove at least during the fleecy fabric (carpets, capes, etc.). Daily vacuum floors and wipe them with disinfectant. If possible, look for the quartz lamp and treat it the room several times a week.
The clothes of the patient should be boiled and carefully ironed. Remember that viable spores can save in a year and a half.
Some types of lichen disappear when using folk methods of treatment. Affected place you can try to grease with a solution (1:1) Apple cider vinegar.
Dissolve 25 g of propolis in 100 g of alcohol and insist in a week. This fluid lubricate zoster.
Lubricate the affected area with an alcohol tincture of calendula (can be purchased at the drugstore) and then apply the ointment. Ointment from marigold flowers is prepared simply: 10 g of flowers, crushed into powder, spread with 50 grams of vaseline.
Prepare a decoction of 10 g of hop cones and 200 ml of boiling water. It should be applied externally. A decoction can also wash your head with hair loss (with ringworm).
Well helps the infusion and decoction of burdock as a poultice or compress.
You can try to lubricate sore spots with the juice of a Euphorbia (any type).
Some species of lichen can be destroyed, lubricating the lesions with a solution of iodine.
A very good remedy against lichen – Vishnevsky ointment. And yet remember that it is better not to self-medicate, and get professional help medical professional. It is faster and more reliable.
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