The disease is not dangerous and often resolves on its own after 6-9 weeks. However, detecting the symptoms of pink lichen is very important to seek the advice of a dermatologist. The fact that manifestations of this disease is very similar to several other dermatological diseases (syphilis, psoriasis, trichophytosis). The wrong diagnosis can lead to serious complications. The primary aim of treatment pink lichen is to prevent inflammation of the skin and its infection with Streptococcus or Staphylococcus, as well as to avoid the accession of eczema.
It is important to comply with hypoallergenic diet. Eliminate from the diet coffee, tea, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, chocolate, nuts, citrus, spices and flavorings. Avoid smoked meats and canned goods.
To keep the infection from spreading throughout the body wash shower. During water procedures do not use detergents, do not RUB your skin with a loofah.
Keep the ringworm affected skin areas from exposure to high temperatures. Do not wear woolen or synthetic clothes. Wear things made of cotton or linen fabric.
During illness, do not use perfumes and cosmetics. Do not sunbathe, do not visit Solarium, swimming pool and massage.
For treatment of the disease the doctor prescribes antihistamine and immune-boosting medications, vitamins. In cases of infection of the skin the treatment is broad-spectrum antibiotics.
As lotions you can use water and zinc talker and creams corticosteroids. The affected area is useful to lubricate the rosehip oil, Thistle or sea buckthorn.
In the fight against pink shingles are considered effective and popular tools. One of them is a tincture of celandine. Place in a dark container the leaves and flowers of herbs, fill it to the brim with vodka and infuse for 21 days, shaking daily capacity. Prepared tincture strain and take with water, 10 drops 15 minutes before meals. Procedure is carried out twice a day for 10 days.
Some patients treat ringworm with newspaper ashes. Tie a large roll of Newspapers in three places, so he turned around, put on the bottom of a large dish and ignite. When the paper is completely burned, the dishes will remain a dark brown liquid. Lubricate the affected places. Often after carrying out 2-3 treatments the disease is.