To assure a copy of the workbook required in the personnel Department of the organization. In that case, if the firm HR Department is missing, certified copies of employment record is the person responsible for the conduct of personified registration of employees of the organization. As this person may be the chief accountant of the company or directly by the Director.
The responsible person shall remove the copy from all pages of the work book. A copy of each reversal of the labor is done on a separate sheet of A4. When removing copies of all records should be clear and good to read.
On each page of the copy of the work book except the last assure the identity of the organization puts the company seal, below does the inscription "true Copy". Then dates the certification of the copy, points out his position, puts the signature and decrypting the signature. The seal shall be placed to about half of it was on the text taken employment record, and the other half on a clean sheet.
Certification copy of the last page of the work book is maintained by the responsible person of a company by the same rules, just before the inscription "true Copy", the specialist should put an additional note: "Working on now".
A copy of the workbook can be assured in another way, without the authentication of each page. To do this, the responsible person of the organization must renumber all sheets of the work book in the lower right corner, sew with white thread on two flat threads to seal. On the last page to record: "Stitched, numbered, and the number of pages". Below: the "true Copy". Then date, position, signature and full name. And to seal record the seal of the organization.
In this manner a certified copy of employment record is accepted by any Bank, as this document confirms the permanent employment of a potential borrower.