You will need
  • - a summons issued to the employee;
  • - order of dismissal;
  • - employment history of the employee;
  • his personal card;
  • printing;
  • - fountain pen.
Ask the employee to write a statement asking to dismiss him in connection with the conscription into the army. You can use the wording: "for reasons beyond the will of the parties to the circumstances (in connection with the conscription)".
Make a copy of a worker's subpoenas duces tecum at the recruiting station and attach it to the application. This is not necessary: it is sufficient statements of the employee. But if so, it is better to use it.
Ask the employee to sign the order on his dismissal that he was familiar with this document.
Prepare the order for dismissal of an employee due to circumstances not dependent on will of the parties. Reference in it to paragraph 1 of article 83 of the Labor code.
Make a note of resignation under circumstances not dependent on will of the parties, the employee's personal card. The mark on his removal from the military account in this document do not need.
Record about dismissal in the employment record of the employee. Optimal formulation: "the Employment agreement terminated in connection with a call of the employee for military service, paragraph 1 of article 83 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation".
Calculate the amount the employee should receive on the day of dismissal. In addition to the salary for the last month, he shall receive compensation for unused vacation days and severance pay - your average earnings for two weeks, which is calculated based on how much he has actually worked over the 12 months prior to the dismissal and what amounts he owed for it. If the worker has pregoal on vacation (that has worked less than a year, and used the entire annual leave), deduct from payments due to him of the cost of the extra days of rest impossible.