You will need
  • - the identity card of the employee;
  • - employment history of an employee or a blank employment record (if not previously bred);
  • - documents of the company;
  • - the rules of work books;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • the company's seal;
  • - the form of the order;
  • - application form.
When applying for the post of officer, who served in the army before entering the work, on the basis of military ID is entered the entry in the work book. To do this, the employee accepted the statement. The document is addressed to the company Director, who after considering the application shall bear a visa.
On the basis of the statement of the expert the head of the organization the order is issued. For this purpose the form of the order on staff. Responsible for the execution of the order is assigned to a cadre, which is responsible for maintaining labor books. Meets in administrative documents personnel officer under the bill.
In the document on proof of employment, make a record. Using the identity card of the employee, specify the start date, the end of military service. In the details of work enter the passage of urgent service in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. As a basis, write the room series. Date of issue governmental ticket specialist. Assure the entry seal of the company, signed by the Director or responsible persons appointed by a head.
As a rule, record of service in the army must be paid before taking the position in the company. But in practice, it often happens that military ID at the right time was at the restore, or simply lost. In this case, it is allowed to make the entry after the note of applying for a job. But it definitely worker presented a certificate or other document is proof of the loss or recovery of military ID. With a statement by the employer that is fixed by such a situation in the internal documents of the company.
Note that the entries of the urgent service, service contract are billed separately. And about the last employee you are encouraged to submit the agreement (contract), confirming such service.