Response from the teacher

In the feature on the guardians must pay the most attention to how they relate to the child. Write what time of ward visits your class or group. Tell me, did he difficulties during adaptation, how he looks, if he has formed cultural and hygienic skills. Mark the level of development of the child's communication skills, relationships with adults and with other children. Tell us how willing caregivers are in contact with teachers, are interested in whether the successes and failures of the child.

Even the perfect child, in life there are negative aspects. Describe how the guardians to these moments are, and adjust if the child's behavior, and if so, in what way. Note how they are friendly to wards and other children. Issued feature. Top write the title of the document, just below – who composed this document, that is, "to Ivanova Maria Ivanovna, the guardian Sergeeva Petit. Next, enter your text. Underneath, write the date, the signature and its transcript. You can specify, which is composed of feature.

Response from the chief

As in the previous case, pay special attention to the relation of a guardian to the child. But as a teacher and educator, you child will likely not know. So tell us about mental and professional qualities of the person you write feature. Specify at what point you know it, as he proved himself on the job, what is his relationship with other members of the team, is he the qualities necessary for the child's upbringing – responsibility, kindness, desire to understand other people, how he is conflicted whether he inclined to bad habits. Make a feature exactly as in the previous case.

Response from the Chairman of the Board

Asked to characterize the guardians and the Chairman of the Board or senior on the porch. In this case, you hardly are knowledgeable about the professional qualities of caregivers, but you can see their attitude to the child, know about the situation in the family. Know and write.

Tell us at what point the family lives in your home, if you went to their apartment and some got the impression. Describe the situations in which you saw the child – he always is under supervision, whether neatly dressed, does he have toys and books, good relationship with other children in the yard. Don't forget to mention that calm if the situation in the family.