Decide the mode of transport. If you are afraid to fly, there is a choice between the bus and the train. If the distance is relatively small, the buses often to get there faster, but trains are always more comfortable. When you need to go very far, the cost of the tickets plane and on the train may be about the same.
If you buy the tickets on the Railways, consider seasonal factors. Currently, the railroad special conditions apply to purchase of tickets in compartment cars. If you buy a ticket for 31-45 days before departure, you can save up to 50% of the fare. 10 days before the date of her trip cost, on the contrary, increases by 10%. The top shelf in the compartment on some trains in 2 times cheaper lower.
At the bus tickets promotions and discounts usually do not apply. The only thing you can do is to find out which companies engaged in transportation along the route you are interested, find out arrival time and departure of buses, as well as prices. Given this information, you can select the preferred option. Usually purchase a ticketand the bus in advance costs the same amount as immediately before the trip.
With a large range of options with the airticketAMI. If you are planning a trip in advance, you will likely be able to purchase tickets at a very favorable price. To do this, you need to subscribe to news from airlines that fly your route. Various discounts and promotions – it is something without which today can not do no self-respecting carrier. Should wait for any holiday or put off buying a ticketfor the low season and you'll be able to very significant savings.
When tickets airline need to buy urgently, and no time to wait for promotions and discounts, then at least ask whether other airlines flights in this direction. It's hard to be the best price, by buying a ticket from the monopoly. You can try to buy a ticket on a flight with a connection. It seems that it makes no sense, because time is longer and the price should be more expensive. But in fact, the cost of the ticketand with change can be much cheaper than the direct flight.
Think if you can postpone the trip for a few days. Very often you can buy a much cheaper ticket, if you simply refuse to travel on peak weekend days and Friday.