If you need to block your page in a social network "My world", go to the website, log in and go to "Settings", located to the left of your photo. Next you will see tab where you must click "Delete My world." Thus, there will be blocking it for 48 hours, during which you can cancel the deletion of your accountby clicking on the button with the appropriate name.
If you want to lock your page on online Ebay, log in to the service, remove all funds available in your account, it should be empty. Check there if you open lots or active sales, whether all providers calculation, there are no outstanding orders. Go to the page and request the closure of your account. To carry out this action, you will have to agree with the proposed conditions of the resource and select any of the options: delete, or to temporarily block the page.
To lock an account in a social network "In contact", log in and log on to your page. Go to "Settings", select "General" tab. Specify the reason why you do it. Your page will be in lock mode for several months, and then deleted completely (if you are in this time unlocks the account).
The same is the procedure of blocking or deleting profile network Facebook. Among other reasons, there are specified also such: "this is temporary", "I'll be back", etc.
To block your profile on the "Classmates" you are unlikely to work, but have the opportunity to remove it. So, if you need to get rid of the account in this social network, go to your page and at the bottom choose the section: "Regulations". In the bottom of the page of the rules, hit the link: "Withdraw from services". Specify the reason why you do it, and then click OK.