If you are the users of the Google email, the locking scheme of the user will be using a filter.Go to your e - mail, after entering login and password. Go to settings. In the settings you should choose "Filters". Find the option "Create a new filter".Enter the email address with which you no longer wish to receive messages in the "start" field and click "Next". On the newly opened page, select the action that you want to produce emails from a particular sender.If you need to block the user, then click "Delete" and tick the box "Also apply filter to these chains. Then click "Create filter". Thus, you will be able to block someone in mail gmail.
Add in the blocked senders list addresses from which you receive spam messages in e-mail Windows.In Windows mail unwanted advertising information is filtered automatically. However, if you do not wish to receive common messages from a specific person, put this person on your blocked senders list.
Block unwanted messages in e-mail Yahoo. If you are a user of the service, to block any user you will be as simple as in the previous paragraphs.In the upper right corner of the Yahoo mail page, click Options. In the list on the left side click "Spam". Enter the email address with which you do not want to receive messages, see the "Blocked addresses". This section is in the middle of the page. Click "Add" and email of the user will appear in the list of blocked addresses.
Use the app Unsubscrieber in Yahoo mail and Gmail. With it, you can delete the unwanted addresses .In the control window list, click "Unsubscribe". In the appeared window enter the email addresses from which you do not wish to receive messages. Next, click "OK". With these addresses you will no longer receive junk mail.