Advice 1: How to block games in Facebook

If you are a lover of online gaming and go to your page and Classmates in order to communicate in correspondence with friends, see their photos and share confidential status, then you will irritate constantly receive invitations to join any game. Moderators of social networks have provided the ability to protect users from Intrusive prompts in the game. It's pretty simple.

How to block games in Facebook
Log in to your account in the social network Classmates. Under the main photo there are several options, select "more" and press. A list of the actions in which you need to choose the option "change settings". Change settings for users for free.
The entire screen turns a page titled "Edit settings". The page provides a long list of actions you can take. From the list choose "Settings publicity" and press.
Before you appears a table consisting of three sections: display, and allow privacy. Are you interested in the "Allow". In it find the line "invite me to games" and choose "Anyone".
If the user does not want to get invitations to join any group, you can set this setting - it following the prompts in the game, called "invite me to group". You can choose one of the options: "all", "Only friends" and "Anyone."
The next step you need to click the "Save" button. All now fans look cats, grow flowers and pigs on the farm will not get you annoying offers to join the game. But if you have a private profile in Friendster, after changes in the settings, the profile will open. If you go to close it again, you need to activate the service again. The cost of this service now - 20 is OK.
Sometimes, after the operations and re-closure of the offer profile to join the game continue to flow to the user. In this case, you must write a letter to the moderator of the website and ask for help. To do this, select the "Help" section located in the lower right corner of your page in myspace, go to "Contact support". Write appeal. please Inbox for feedback.

Advice 2 : How to block a friend in Friendster

In a social network "Schoolmates" you may have a lot of friends. Adding people sometimes do not think about the consequences. And then on your page begins to crumble to the annoying message, bad offers or spam. How to make a nasty "friend" never bothered you? How to make so that he could no longer write to you that you absolutely do not want to read?
How to block a friend in Friendster
Go to his account and under the line where is written large in your name, a list of clickable buttons, find the button "friends". Click on it with the mouse. Opens the friends list with pictures or avatars, if they exist. Even if they are not there, will still be your friend's name or his nickname.
Find someone that you want to block. If friends very much, the search can be accelerated if you enter his name in the box above the photos that says "search for friends". This is the quick and easy search, because friends can be more than one hundred people. Click on the "find" button, will appear the one who are looking for and do not need to view all the friends by yourself. Though often the search is started automatically while entering a name.
Click on his photo or avatar. Opens a list of actions which can be taken against that person. Choose the bottom of the list to "end the friendship", this is the place where you want to click the mouse. After that, a window will appear confirming your actions, click on "Yes" and people will immediately removed from your friends list.
Log on to the page in the message section and find someone that just got removed from friends. Open the conversation. At the top on a green field, its name, you will see a small icon in the form of a crossed out letter "o". Hover your mouse and then POPs the inscription "lock". Click on the icon and disable it. Confirm your action by clicking "Yes" after it emerged the confirmation window.
If you do not want to remove it from friends, but only to block the correspondence with him, then it will be enough "to stop a friendship with him". His messages are blocked, but it will remain in your friends list. If you wish, you can always return back and again to add friends and unlock all the correspondence. All very easy and convenient. Block who you hurt in the "Classmates" and does not communicate.

Advice 3 : How to block user in Friendster

Social network "Odnoklassniki" appeared in 2006, and now it was millions of users around the world. To communicate in this resource brought only positive emotions, in the network there is blocking unfriendly opponents.
How to block user in Friendster

Methods of blocking user "Classmates"

How to block annoying users of social network "Schoolmates" there are several. If the person you want to ignore, visited your personal page as a guest, use the following method of blocking. Go to the "Guests", find the user, call on the avatar context menu, and then select in the list of possible operations the item "block". You will see a dialog box in which you can withdraw from the decision, or permanently block the person.

You can also block unwanted visitor directly during communication with him. On the page with your messages, at the top, next to the name of the interlocutor, click on the "block", which is depicted in the form of a crossed-out circle.

If you want to block someone who left you did not like a comment to your pictures, open the comments to your photo. Click next to an unpleasant statement cross to the right of the comment. You will see the dialog box, choose the setting to "block" and tick it.

Other related opportunities social network "Classmates"

In case you too often come across inadequate interlocutors, you can use the publicity. Restrict the actions of unknown people writing you messages, to rate your photos and comment. On the page select "Edit settings" under your main photo. In the menu that appears, select "Settings publicity". You will see a dialog where you can set necessary restrictions. Then click "Save".

If you blocked someone by mistake, no problem, go to "Black list" link located under "More" and at the bottom of your page. Hover over the avatar and select "Unblock", after this operation, the person will again be able to freely communicate with you.

If you wish, you can contact the customer support of a social network "Classmates", if you have any serious questions or wishes regarding the work of this resource. To do this, click on "Schedule" located at the bottom of your page, and at the end of the document that appears, select the appropriate option. In the form, describe your problem and include the correct contact details for feedback opportunities.
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