Log in to your account in the social network Classmates. Under the main photo there are several options, select "more" and press. A list of the actions in which you need to choose the option "change settings". Change settings for users for free.
The entire screen turns a page titled "Edit settings". The page provides a long list of actions you can take. From the list choose "Settings publicity" and press.
Before you appears a table consisting of three sections: display, and allow privacy. Are you interested in the "Allow". In it find the line "invite me to games" and choose "Anyone".
If the user does not want to get invitations to join any group, you can set this setting - it following the prompts in the game, called "invite me to group". You can choose one of the options: "all", "Only friends" and "Anyone."
The next step you need to click the "Save" button. All now fans look cats, grow flowers and pigs on the farm will not get you annoying offers to join the game. But if you have a private profile in Friendster, after changes in the settings, the profile will open. If you go to close it again, you need to activate the service again. The cost of this service now - 20 is OK.
Sometimes, after the operations and re-closure of the offer profile to join the game continue to flow to the user. In this case, you must write a letter to the moderator of the website and ask for help. To do this, select the "Help" section located in the lower right corner of your page in myspace, go to "Contact support". Write appeal. please Inbox for feedback.