Before delete account was easy enough - just had to change privacy settings. In the "Who can view my profile?" followed by select "Only me". After that, all the data from your page was removed automatically and your email would stop coming notifications from "Vkontakte". However, if desired, within 30 days of the page can be restored. But if user a month after that did not go to your page, the page would be deleted. But now everything is more complicated. The fact that earlier most of these deletions have occurred through the fault of the crooks, who hacked accounts. The website administration has received many complaints from users who unknowingly lost their account. Now all the data page and time cannot be deleted.
The first method. Go to your profile, change privacy settings to view your page so that only you. Remove all existing page data - photos, phone numbers, friends lists, all the records on the wall. In the end, the page should remain completely blank. After some time, there should be an entry "Page removed". Just in case, disable notification from "Vkontakte".
The second method. Create a new e-mail Inbox. On the page "Vkontakte", change the mailbox to a new one. Then the box itself remove. Could you change the password, and write more difficult not to remember himself. In the same way as in the previous case, delete all the data from the page, adjust privacy settings, disable notifications. After 30 days your account is removed because of non-attendance.
The third way. Go to the black list. Add Pavel Durov. After that, your account will be deleted. Can actively try to spam, swearing to swear on the page, Durova, in popular groups, send invitations to groups all users in a row. In this case, you at least very quickly banned. But most often such accounts are removed quickly and without trials.