You will need
  • - TORX screwdriver T-5$
  • - small flat screwdriver;
  • - tool for analysis of buildings.
Put the phone in front of you with the lid up. Slide the cover to the battery, which, in turn, remove them from the compartment. Unscrew the screws at the four corners. Flip the phone and open it. Two rubber feet located on the bottom pry out with a fingernail and slide. Unscrew the two screws under the rubber feet.
Take the tool, which is specially designed for analysis of buildings and sticking it on the sides of the phone case, open the latches. Replace the tool with a thin screwdriver, just be sure to wrap the paper not to scratch the housing.
Plastic near hinge thin. Not to break the item, take the right side and gently pull the item up. The latch will open. Elastic band limiting the stroke of the upper part, and the pad buttons will easily fall out by itself. Finger, lift the motherboard. Underneath you'll find the connector with the tongue. Pull and open the connector.
The keyboard, put on the glue, can be removed using the tool for dismantling hulls, or prying it with a fingernail. Similarly, remove the screen bezel, prying it into a special hole. Unscrew the four screws that you find under the panel of the screen. Upper body turn first right, then left and carefully remove it.
Trim with inscription "Philips" is also easily removable as it is glued. Speakers also planted on the glue, remove by prising them with a screwdriver. Drain screen, remove it after opening the connector in the base. Open the camera connector and remove it. Open glued a plastic plate in the housing, located above the barcode. To remove the plugs of the hinge and slide them through the holes with a flat head screwdriver and pull out with your fingers.