You will need
  • - distilled water;
  • - alcohol;
  • - bathtub;
  • - screwdriver set for repair mobile phones;
  • - lint-free cloth;
  • - jar for small parts.
"First aid" phone fallen in water, is getting it out of the water and removal of the battery. You must uninstall it as soon as possible to the conductors on the circuit Board are not destroyed due to electrochemical corrosion. Particularly inconvenient in this sense, the devices that require to remove the battery pack tools, for example Nokia N8. If the proper screwdriver with you when you yourself were not, in order to "save a life" the phone, you will have to hurry to the nearest workshop.
All further recovery operations of the apparatus should be implemented without haste, because the damage one careless movement. In any case, do not attempt to disassemble the device, using a conventional slotted or Phillips screwdriver. So you only mess up the splines on the screws, and then remove them would be extremely difficult.
In order to buy a set of screwdrivers specifically designed for opening phone, no need to visit a shop that sells phone parts. Sometimes these kits are sold to them at five to ten times cheaper than in the markets.
Disassemble the phone slowly, memorizing the location of the screws and the disassembly procedure. If it has a folding or sliding design, a guide to dismantling it is better to find in the Internet, not to act at random. Screws and all small parts put in a jar.
After disassembling the phone, all its parts except the battery (it is better to replace a new one) and display, rinse thoroughly with distilled water. Perform the same operation and with the SIM card.
Completely dry parts after washing. Do not use a Hairdryer, heater - Board can warp and completely fail. You can use the radiator, isolating the details from him a thick book to reduce the drying temperature. Take measures to prevent falling of books and items on the floor. Drying them will have a few days. Then immerse them (well except the battery and display) in a bath with alcohol and soak there for a few hours.
Carefully clean the Board and all of the details from alcohol lint-free cloth. Dry them again, this time from the alcohol. The heat source for this is not needed at all, and time will need much less several hours.
Assemble the phone in reverse order of disassembly, insert the SIM card and the battery, then try powering it up. If this operation was successful, recovery can be considered complete.
Immediately after phone calls, backup all data stored on it in case it suddenly fails.