You will need
  • - be a resident of the Moscow and Zelenograd;
  • - have a landline telephone;
  • - the passport.
Call 8(495)636-06-36 and tell me what I would like to connect to the Internet. Then name your address and wait for the employee, SSA will check the availability of the Internet connection on your phone line.
To place an order directly from the site of MGTS, refer to connect service "Internet from MGTS" and verify that you can connect to the Internet via a subscriber's line. To do this, enter the phone number, verification number and click "Check".
If close to your house or apartment is one of the call centers of the MGTS, the design for connecting to the Internet, visit this office. Inform the employee about his desire to obtain access to the network and wait until the operator will check the possibility of providing service to your location.
If your lines have the technical ability to use the network, leave the application for connection, with connection of both urban and mobile number. Please note that to register as the contact person only on who has signed the contract on rendering of communication services in SSA. These data are usually written on the notice, which contains the amount of the payment for the phone.
After registering the application in MGTS wait for a call that will arrive within 3 days. Check with the operator convenient time of arrival of the master, which will connect to the Internet.
At the appointed time, not stay home and wait for the appointment. When an employee MGTS will come and show you a contract, read the document and, if satisfied, register their passport details and confirm by signature their intention to use the service of access to the network.
Show master, where is located a telephone outlet, and wait for the employee will connect the equipment. Provide employee access to the computer, so he can make the necessary settings.
If you want to install the equipment themselves, give the services of the master and priobretete necessary kit in the nearest contact center or order a delivery online store. Then carry out the installation in complete devices.
To do this, using the supplied cable, connect the splitter to a telephone socket. To one connector on the device connect the telephone and the other ADSL modem. Connect the computer to the appropriate Jack on the modem. Then perform network setup on it using the supplied instructions.