Make a hat statement. Specify in the upper right corner the surname and initials of the head of the local administration, the name of the settlement. Then write, on behalf of whom served the statement and the details of your passport: series, number, when and by whom the resulting document, the place of permanent residence. If the application is from a company, you need to specify the name of the legal entity. Write down their contact details.
Discover the purpose of his appeal to the head of the administration. Write your name, patronymic and surname. Then state the nature of the request, in this case, the desire to obtain the property site free of charge. If you are planning to buy land or take it on lease, specify the target destination of the property, for example, for individual construction or seasonal work.
Explain the cause that allows you to claim land. In Russia for free land have the right to certain categories of citizens: veterans, military personnel, users of land, large families and poor families.
WWII veterans, workers of the air defense of the great Patriotic war, workers on the home front of world war II and suffered during the siege of Leningrad can obtain land for construction, gardening and gardening. To get the land for free to the military personnel, after 10 years or after retirement.
For people who received land before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is also possible to arrange them in the property free of charge. In this case, specify the square footage and its location.
Poor families are entitled to receive land plots according to certain laws adopted in a particular region. Families in which three or more children are entitled to grants of land in the property under order of the President.
Please specify the reason why you must provide the land. Check under the statementm a personal signature and date of the document.