Advice 1: How to write a statement about the provision of land

Some citizens have the right to receive free land plots. Find out in the local administration whether you qualify under the category of people who have that opportunity. Verify the list of documents required for obtaining land and write a statement. In addition to free delivery, anyone can buy land or use it for lease.
How to write a statement about the provision of land
Make a hat statement. Specify in the upper right corner the surname and initials of the head of the local administration, the name of the settlement. Then write, on behalf of whom served the statement and the details of your passport: series, number, when and by whom the resulting document, the place of permanent residence. If the application is from a company, you need to specify the name of the legal entity. Write down their contact details.
Discover the purpose of his appeal to the head of the administration. Write your name, patronymic and surname. Then state the nature of the request, in this case, the desire to obtain the property site free of charge. If you are planning to buy land or take it on lease, specify the target destination of the property, for example, for individual construction or seasonal work.
Explain the cause that allows you to claim land. In Russia for free land have the right to certain categories of citizens: veterans, military personnel, users of land, large families and poor families.
WWII veterans, workers of the air defense of the great Patriotic war, workers on the home front of world war II and suffered during the siege of Leningrad can obtain land for construction, gardening and gardening. To get the land for free to the military personnel, after 10 years or after retirement.
For people who received land before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is also possible to arrange them in the property free of charge. In this case, specify the square footage and its location.
Poor families are entitled to receive land plots according to certain laws adopted in a particular region. Families in which three or more children are entitled to grants of land in the property under order of the President.
Please specify the reason why you must provide the land. Check under the statementm a personal signature and date of the document.
If the application is submitted on behalf of the legal entity, the head of the organization must sign the document and seal it.
Useful advice
The application is filled in any form, but just in case check with the administration aspects that must be considered.

Advice 2: How to determine the category of land

All the land of Russia is divided into 7 categories (article № 7 of the RF LC). During the formation of the land the category of land and its intended purpose entered in the unified register and cadastre of PPRC based on the definition of the category from which this plot was formed.
How to determine the category of land
You will need
  • - a statement in FUSCH;
  • - the statement in FPRZ;
  • - a statement to the local governments.
If you want to know the category of land and the purpose of the already created plot, we can see this information in your certificate of ownership or contact the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography and to request extracts from the unified register of accounts.
Learn the category of lands and permitted use you can, if you consult the Federal office of the state registration of the centre and write an application for obtaining extracts from the unified register of registration.
If you plan to register a newly formed land plot, category of land that will be entered, from which this plot was formed. This means that the formation of the land plot of land settlements, newly created land would belong to the same category.
Despite the fact that the Land code of the Russian Federation requires to make a clear distinction between categories of land, there are still landsthat do not belong to the same category. According to the order of the Federal office of cadastre № 119, if the newly formed plot of land does not belong to any category , the authorized persons are obliged to draw up a statement and attributed the land to supply categories (article 103 of the land code of the Russian Federation) or one of 7 specific categories depending on the type of use.
The definition of the category of land may be held by the Government of the Russian Federation, if the parcel is state property or local Executive authorities, if the land is administered by the regional authorities.
Accordingly, you can apply to these bodies and to seek to designate the category of area, formed on land that does not belong to the same category.
The information in the register of the land Committee and the registration centre will make on the basis of your act.

Advice 3: How to write a claim for a pension

Making retirement should begin well in advance. And the important point is the timely submission of an application to the pension Fund. Without accrual of cash nobody will produce.
How to write a claim for a pension
The calculation of the pension takes place from the date of submission of the calculation. But, of course, not before came laid her term. To protect yourself from possible problems in the documentation and delays, submit this statement a month before the retirement age. In women it starts in 50 years, men – 60 years.
Before applying, assemble the documents that will be needed for him to make. It consists of an employment record, passport, military ID, information about average wages for five years in any period of employment, evidence of mandatory medical insurance and proof of insurance. But if you want to draw an early pension, the document of confirmation of your eligibility for this benefit.
Take the application form in the pension Fund located in your place of residence or stay. Its shape is designed in accordance with the rules of the pension documents. If some points in the statement you do not understand, check with them in advance. Remember that the accuracy of the information, specified in the application, you are responsible.
Complete the application, attach necessary documents and take it to the pension Fund. Specialist Fund will be registered in a special register and issue you a receipt confirming reception of documents. If you cannot include the statement in person, send it by mail or by representative to whom you need to issue a power of attorney for such actions.
Wait until the specialists of the pension Fund will check your documents. It usually takes about 10 working days. If some information will be missing, they will notify you and ask you to bring the documents needed. When everything is in order, you will receive a pensionthat you can receive on reaching pension age.

Advice 4: Who can obtain land for free

The right to free land provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation. But to use this right not everyone can.
Who can obtain land for free

Under clause 2, article 28 of the Land code of the Russian Federation the right to free land endowed with a large family. However, the legislation imposes a number of requirements which must meet the family:

  1. At least three minor children. The exception is children enrolled in full-time in educational institutions, and those who are in military service. In this case, the age limits increase to 23 years. Children are not only native, but adopted.
  2. All members of a large family must have the same residence and live at the same address for at least 5 years.
  3. All family members must be citizens of the Russian Federation.
  4. The ownership must not be flat, no house, no other land.
  5. Neither of the spouses has been deprived of parental rights.
  6. The need for land documented special authorities.

If all conditions are met, a large family can collect the documents and submit them for consideration to the municipal authority, which, in turn, is obliged within 30 days to consider the request and give an answer.

The documents should include:

  • copies of passports of parents and children who have it available;
  • birth certificate of all children;
  • a copy of the marriage certificate of the spouses;
  • a document confirming same registration of all family members for at least 5 years;
  • a certificate from the bodies of guardianship and guardianship that one of the spouses was not deprived of parental rights;
  • a certificate stating that children are not on full state support;
  • documents confirming the absence of any ownership of housing and land;
  • the conclusion that the family really needs improvement of living conditions.

All the above documents must be notarized, after which the package sent to the local authorities to the Committee on the use of municipal land. In a statement, it is also important to specify at what point the family would like to plot, but within the municipal district. On consideration of the application of the law allocate not more than 30 days.

If the answer is positive, then within a year a large family enters land in the target use. You should know that getting free land, the family is automatically removed from the queue for an apartment if one was available.

In case of refusal of the municipal authority shall specify the reason why the application was rejected. Then the family can either appeal the decision in court or to submit the documents again.

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