Advice 1: How to obtain land for the construction of

Obtaining a land plot for construction governed by the Land code of the Russian Federation. There are two options for obtaining the land: with preliminary coordination of a place of placing of object and without it. To obtain land for construction in the lease or in the property.
How to obtain land for the construction of
Provision of land plots from lands in state or municipal ownership, on the basis of decisions of Executive government or local bodies. In each locality it can be various organs. The algorithm for obtaining land for construction without preliminary agreement on the object location of construction (i.e. the developer has not selected the plot, which is going to build) with the following:
1) the plot under construction is formed. Carried out cadastral works.
2) defines the permitted use of the land (in accordance with the Rules of land use and development and the General plan of the city or locality), determined by the technical conditions of connection of future object to networks engineering-technical maintenance, fees.
3) a decision on tenders, competitions or auctions or to grant land without such bidding.
4) in case bidding contests or auctions, posted the message on their carrying out. Otherwise, the accepting of statements of grant of land.
5) start trading, after their meeting signed a Protocol. If the auction received only one bid, then the site is provided to the person making such application. Is the contract.
It is possible to obtain a land plot for construction, coordinating the location of the object in advance. Then the order of receipt will be different:
1. selected land plot. To select it you need to contact the Executive body of state authority or local government (in Moscow, for example, district councils), a statement of land plot selection.
2. the authority shall notify the population residing near the selected land, the provision of land for construction, as well as owners and tenants of neighbouring lands.
3. issued certificate of land plot selection, the decision on the approval of the location of the object.
4. carried out cadastral works, land is put on the cadastral account.
5. the decision on granting the land plot for construction. A corresponding order is issued, a contract.
It should be remembered that contracts (lease or sale of land) required to register with the Federal Registration Service (FRS), as the rights to land plot from the owner or tenant will arise only after the registration of the lease.

Advice 2: How to get land for individual construction

Individual housing construction assumes the availability of suitable land. You can obtain it in different ways, depending on your financial status and personal qualities.
How to get land for individual construction
You will need
  • Money.
Get land for individual construction the easiest way – buy it. However, this will require considerable investments, in some cases exceeding the cost of actually building a house.
Take the opportunity to obtain land, spending much less. Be prepared that it will take more time and effort.
Order in the relevant Executive authority of local government a copy of the chosen land of the topographic plan of scale 1:500. Keep in mind that this is a paid service. Paid for the number of sheets that you need.
Write a statement to find out that there are no encumbrances on the land. Attach a copy and take it to the municipality Department responsible for these issues. After about a week you should answer.
If you find any delay, so this site is already someone in ownership or something rented. Start path first – search for suitable land, order a copy, find out if there are any encumbrances.
If the chosen site encumbrances no, your copy will appear confirming this stamp.
Then attach the same copy of the new statement on the audit of land on the "red lines" which prohibit the construction. It refers to the road, strategically important objects such as the gas pipeline and more. Prohibition if not, the copy you put a note or give proper help.
Make a special Declaration on the granting of this land for individual housing construction. Attach all previously obtained documents.
Send these papers to the Department of land and property relations of the municipality. This is the last large-scale test. If the Commission approves your application, in the local mass media will be the official publication about the possibility of holding a land auction on a selected area. If the application for this land was received, an auction will be held. Usually, this leads to a rise in the ground.
If one month after the publication in the newspaper of the statements on this ground is not received, it will be on your lease. For three years it is necessary to construct something so as to formalize land ownership.
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