Of course, when learning any foreign language should begin with memorizing the alphabet. Japanese - hiragana and katakana. Regularly train your skills reading alphabet, learn numbers. One of the problems with self - training- the lack of control. Make yourself a schedule and strictly follow it.
When you are confident in the knowledge of the alphabets, start the book and the characters. Be careful with the choice of tutorial. Each edition is designed for different levels of training and teaching methods. Well established four volumes of "Grammar of the Japanese language" Golovnin. Will be useful N.Feldman-Conrad "Japanese-Russian dictionary of hieroglyphics" and Lavrentiev, Neverov "Japanese-Russian, Russian-Japanese dictionary". Do not be lazy to perform the exercises given in the textbooks. Even if they seem simple.
Can also download a special program to help with memorization of words, classification and verification of knowledge. For Example, JapAlpha. You can find it and other programs on the website
To learn the characters better individually. This is a complex and individual process. But almost everyone works in the commonplace prescribing of characters. There are various techniques, for example, "the Way tailless birds." In the book built complex chains, remembered the sequence. Also a good assistant - "Tutorial on reading Japanese characters" from the series "Books of the XXI century".
Read books in Japanese. Do not forget to use a dictionary. Remember, this is one of the essential foundations in language learning. The more words you know the easier it will be to understand the interlocutor and to Express their own thoughts.
Effective way is listening to audio books. You can burn them to disk, phone, player. Listen and repeat after the speakers. It is easiest to teach in the language environment. If not, create artificially. Post word lists in the apartment, listen to Japanese music, watch movies and anime in the original, someone like that. This approach will help better understand vocabulary, to put the correct pronunciation.
Become friends with Japanese. On the Internet there is the opportunity to make this acquaintance. You can fill out a form or write first. Another way is to register for one of the Japanese sites. For example,, Also for the purpose to get acquainted with a native speaker is perfect for Skype.
Don't be afraid to ask. Sign up on any forum japanologist. On the Internet a lot of people wanting to learn Japanese language and asking exactly the same questions, it is interesting. This way you will find someone who will tell and explain obscure points and to avoid mistakes in learning. Because to learn is always difficult.