You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - spanners and Torx type;
  • - cleaning fluid for carburetors;
  • - lint-free cloth
Work spend on the car is shut with a cold engine. Remove the air duct connecting the air filter and the cover of the throttle. For this purpose, as a rule, loosen the two clamp. Remove the air duct completely, it does not interfere with further action. Disconnect the crankcase ventilation.
Remove the cover on the throttle. Most often it is also fastened with a clamp, but access to it is hampered. In addition, its mount can be made with the screws, access to which is also not free. Prepare a few screwdrivers of different lengths. For easier access, try to remove obstructing details.
Cleaning spend as accurately as possible. Spray liquid for cleaning carburetors on a closed throttle. Most aerosol cans with such a composition give a powerful jet and spray the mixture in different directions. So be careful and do not spill any extraneous details.
Wipe the valve, using a lint-free cloth. After that re-put on the choke and the walls of the chamber and wipe again. The operation is repeated until then, until you achieve the desired purity addressline space.
Slowly turning the Gaza strip open the flap. The open space will also clean the above-mentioned method. Here act more careful – the dirt in no case should not fall into the intake manifold. Make sure the damper is rotated gently and smoothly, and close tightly.
Disconnect the harness connector from the idle sensor. Key unscrewing the mounting screws, remove the idle sensor. Its the fasteners that usually contains a rubber o-ring of small size, which are easy to lose. In the open position of the valve seal the hole of the air channel with a cloth and clean all parts to Shine, not forgetting the seat of the regulator.
The same cleaner carburetors clean the sensor, being careful not to shift the random motion of its stock. In conclusion, clean the throttle body cover and install all removed parts. If cleaning the sensor has shifted it stock, drive it adjustment.