You will need
  • sensor idle speed;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • motor oil.
Set your machine on a flat surface. Put the car on the Parking brake. After all the preparations, open the hood and locate the idle air control speed. In most cars it is located on the throttle body (you can detect it by pressing pedal gas). Battery disconnect terminal with a negative charge, it will prevent a short in the power to the motor.
Remove the throttle unit, to simplify the change of sensor idle speed. The controller is attached with three bolts. They should remove the Phillips screwdriver to the side of the throttle node. Be careful, as some car models, one of the screws can simultaneously fasten the bracket for the harness. Then carefully remove the controller from the throttle.
Before installing new sensor , clean the air channel a throttle site, and the surface for installing the o-rings from contamination. Carefully inspect the gasket, if it cracks, scuffs or signs of wear, it must be replaced. Before installing the o-ring should be thoroughly lubricated with engine oil.
The throttle hole of the node, apply the o-ring. Until it stops then insert a new sensor idle speed. Now tighten the fixing screws. Don't forget to secure the wiring harness bracket. Screw in place of the throttle unit. Check the correctness and tightness of all sections of mount. Now put the terminal with a negative charge on the battery and try to start the engine.