You will need
  • liquid for washing of carb
  • - lubrication "liquid key"
  • - hex wrench
With the suction port of the air manifold remove the two clamp. One clamp in the place where the body is connected with the air filter, the other at the junction of the housing with the air supply unit through the choke.
Then disconnect the pipe from contact sensors of the racesspeed and air temperature. Remove the valve cover pipe ventilation of crankcase gases. To identify this pipe can be in appearance: it is wider in diameter.
Disconnect with regulator idle speed contact. Then, after removing the intake tract, remove the regulator, which is mounted on a pair of M6 screws with internal hexagon.
From regulator idle speed loosen the solenoid, which is a control valve.
In the chamber, pour liquid to flush the carb. After a few minutes, drain and pour the liquid again. Repeat this process until until pour from the chambers the liquid is bright.
Take the solenoid and connect it to the pulse generator. Set the voltage of 12 V, a frequency of 1 Hz and turn on the power. Position the electromagnet vertically, pointing the hole upward.
At that time, as the core of the solenoid will move, spray it in the liquid for flushing the carb. Repeat the fill fluid multiple times through every 1 – 2 minutes.
After five minutes turn the electromagnet and allow to drain remaining liquid. Again repeat the operation for flushing the core, achieving thus its free movement.
Carefully blow out the solenoid and the controller with the help of the compressor. The inner side of both parts apply penetrating lubricant, use "Liquid wrench".
Connect the electromagnet with the valve block. With the battery feed several times the voltage at its contacts. The solenoid should trigger movement of the valve and a distinctive click. So you check the quality of the wash and health connections.
All parts assemble in the reverse order, then start the engine.