When the crankcase is too little oil, then the oil pump captures air. At long Parking on an incline the oil is derived from hidropar. When the engine is started into the cavity gidropony manages to get air. In this case, the tappet will nedozhat it will lead to the sound working of the valve mechanism. Therefore, to prevent such a knock, always check oil level in crankcase and, if necessary, to bring it to normal.
To remove air from hidropar run the engine at idle to operation temperature. Increase engine speed to 4000 rpm, and then abruptly reduce it to the frequency of idling. Let the engine work for 15 seconds at idle.
This cycle repeat 10-30 times. Gidroparo the normal noise of the drive mechanism of the valve should disappear.
After the disappearance of the noise, else repeat the cycle the air is removed 5 times. Now run the engine for 2-3 minutes at idle. Make sure that the noise in the mechanisms disappeared.
If this operation did not help, and the noise continues, try to wash gidropony. For this prepare three containers for 5 liters of such size that they fit hydro bearing in a vertical position. Fill two of them with diesel fuel, and the third pour engine oil.
Place gidroparo in the first vessel until its complete immersion. Clean the outside surface of the part. Use only nylon or natural brush, as metal can scratch the surface of the plunger.
Then immerse the same support in the second container. Place it so that the diesel fuel came into the side. Gently push wire through the hole, press and hold it depressed, move the plunger 6-8 times.
Remove gidroparo, again press the ball valve and move the plunger until it fully stops the flow of fuel.
Position the support in a third container and press the ball. Hold it in this position, move the plunger down until it stops, and then slowly up. So ncplogin cavity filled with oil.
Get gidroparo of the container. Gently pressing on the plunger, make sure that he remained motionless. Install all the parts in place.
Start the engine and let it run for 2-3 minutes at idle.