You will need
  • -USB/CD with a recorded image of a WinXP PE. (Bart's PE or WinPE from ready Hunderroads)
  • -Password ReNew
If your computer can boot from USB/CD, you select this boot option in the BIOS. Then for the rights of the administrator on the computer running Windows XP/2k/2003, write the downloaded image file WinXP PE on a USB/CD., First, if a CD, put the image inside the downloaded program Password Renew.
If it is USB, then just copy the program folder on bootable USB flash drive.After that, restart the computer using its USB/CD. Now, before you almost ordinary Windows interface. Open flash/disk and run Password Renew.
Next, select the path to your installation of Windows.Select the account that you wish to promote to administrator (Turn exiting user to Administrator). After that hit the Install button. Ready. Now restart the computer again and log in under my user, but with administrator rights.
If you need to do it in secret from the administrator of the network/system, then after all the necessary operations remove yourself from the admin list and restart the system again. Do this: go to control Panel, then computer Management, then Local users and groups and enter the Users. In the Properties select your user and delete from the Administrators group in the tab group Membership.
There's an even easier way of getting admin rights, and if you do fit, then the task, you will cope much faster. For the English version of the OS type in command prompt: net user Administrator /active:yes, but for the Russian: net user Administrator /active:yes.
Then right-click on "Computer" go to Manage – select "Local users and groups" and then "Users". Then right-click on the "account Administrator" – "Properties" and uncheck the box next to account is Disabled.