You will need
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista
If you use the popular and familiar Windows XP, you can install the administrator account, start the computer and at the welcome screen, double press Ctrl+Al+Delete. Panel opens authorization and login. You need to login with the Administrator account, so enter the name "Administrator" in "user Name", and if during system installation you specified a password, enter the password. If the password is not used, Windows will start up without a password and anything not needed.
If you are using Windows Vista, the system input will change slightly. Unlike Windiws XP, here you will have to take additional steps to activate the Administrator account, otherwise it will be absent for the best security. Press Win+R or go to start and click Run. Then enter the string for the phrase: control userpassword2. A window will open of managing passwords and user accounts. Open the "Advanced" section, you will see the section that describes list users. Go to the list and click Administrator. You will see the phrase "Disable account", which is checked. This option should be removed, to the administrator account was activated. Restart the computer so the changes take effect.