When you turn on the computer on which you created at least one account entry form in the welcome window automatically appears. Select the administrator account, if necessary, enter the password and click "Login" or press Enter. Remember that the password is case sensitive (uppercase and lowercase letters).
If you are already in the system but came under a different account, use one of the options. Click on the "start" button or press the Windows key, select the menu command "logout". In the dialog box, click on the "switch user". You will be in the welcome window. Log into the system under the administrator account.
Also you can choose in the menu "start" the command "Off". In the dialog that appears, select "Restart". Wait for the completion of the work, and under the new system startup, follow the steps described in the first step.
If for some reason you can't use the "start" button, call up the "task Manager". To do this, click the right mouse button in any empty space on the taskbar and select from the drop down menu item "task Manager". This component can also be opened with Ctrl, Alt and Del.
In the dialog box "task Manager" look in the top line menu item "shutdown" and select in the context menu one of the commands: "switch user" or "Restart". Then proceed according to the scheme described above.
If you need to install or change the password for the administrator account, use "user Accounts". To invoke it, open "control Panel" via "start" button or press the Windows key and click in the "user Accounts" you need a job.