You will need
  • - A computer running Windows (XP, Windows 7).
To your account had the rights of administrator, you must change its type. If your operating system is Windows 7, click "start" and go to "control Panel". Turn the "control Panel" in view "By category". Then select "user Accounts and family safety", then next window "user Accounts". In the next window click on "Change account type". You will be prompted for a password.
If the administrator of the computer you need a password, leave the line blank. Press the Enter key. In the next window type your account, select "Administrator computer". After that, your account will be endowed with the rights of administrator.
To add your account right administrator in the operating system Windows XP, you must log in with an account that already has rights of the administrator. To do this, go to "control Panel". In control panel click "user Accounts", then click "Change account type". In the list of accounts, select yours. Then as the account type, select "Administrator computer".
You can also use this method. Log in to the system in "Safe mode with command prompt". At the command prompt, type Control userpasswords2. A window will appear. Check the box next to "Require a user name and password". Next, select your account and click "Properties".
Go to the tab "group Membership". Select "Other". Then click on the arrow that is next. In the list that appears, select "Administrators". After that click Apply and OK. Restart the computer and log in to your account.