Gather the items or documents that you want to send. Determine in what form to make it better. Type of mail depends on weight of all items, size of the cargo and its fragility. On maximum allowable parameters of parcels, small packets, parcels etc you can read on the official website of the Russian post –
Make sure that you are going to send to the States, something that is prohibited. To do this, read the list of items prohibited on the territory of Russia. Then find the prohibitions relating to the USA. This information can also be found on the websites of postal services or check at the post office.
Buy containers for your packages or letters. The size of the envelope, bag or box should be slightly greater than the size of the load. Package documents and items. Make sure that nothing in your order will not crumble, will not fall and will not soil your and found themselves near the boxes. Particularly fragile items Packed in paper and foam, the most valuable items can optionally wrap with polyethylene. If a box was too much empty space, fill it solid, but lightweight filler, such as foam.
Not sapakova, take your order in the mail, with a grab passport. Write all the necessary shipment documents. So your shipment has passed the border of the USA, you need to fill out a customs Declaration.
Sign box or envelope. The email address of the recipient printed in Latin letters. First in English, enter the last name and first name of the addressee, then the street name and house number, then write the name of the city, state, country. Below, write "USA" or the decryption of this abbreviation in Russian letters. In the designated field, specify the index of the recipient. The data sender can write in Russian, but the name of the town and country duplicate in English.
If you want to speed up the delivery of cargo and to use additional services, for example, by delivery from hand to hand courier, please contact any commercial mail company. Please make sure that the selected firm carries of departure in the desired locality on the territory of the USA.