Send the parcel by Russian Post. Pre-collect all the items that you want to send abroad, and see under what definition gets such parcel. Russian post parts all types of international mail in four types: printed matter, small packet, a bag of "M" and parcels. Depending on what items you want to send, what is their weight and size, the administration shall be assigned to a specific category. The cost of administration is differentiated, you can see the rates on the website of the Russian post in the section "International shipment". The post office offers various packing, the cost will be included in the total score, also you can choose the shipping method by ground transport or aviaperelety. Unfortunately, the package mailed to Russia, will reach the destination in approximately 3-4 weeks.
Use the services of DHL. The advantages of sending parcels using this operator is that you can, for example, to call the courier to take the parcel in any place convenient for you. In addition, you can track the location of departure at any time on the website, just enter your assigned 10-digit number in the box under "Tracking". DHL also provides the opportunity to deliver them by a certain day and time, the cost of such services will be charged separately as an insurance policy that you may wish to conclude.
Contact any courier service offering delivery of shipments to individuals worldwide. Many of them offer much lower prices than DHL, the delivery time are fixed. The company also implies the departure of the courier the parcel, able to track the location of departure in real-time and deliver personally into the hands of the recipient.