Buy a suitable container for your parcel. Its minimum size is 11х22 cm or 11,4x16,2 cm If you buy a box of larger size, make sure that its greater dimension does not exceed 105 cm, and the sum of the perimeter of the largest cross-section and length – 200 cm. Another requirement imposed on the parcels weight not over 20 kg.
Before you put things in a box, make sure that you can forward. There is a list of items prohibited and conditionally permitted for the shipment. In each country, this list can be added to or reduced. For example, in Moldova cannot be forwarded matches, banknotes and securities. Jewelry may only be sent in parcels with declared value. Some products and items imposed limitations: you can send in non-profit administration up to 2 kg of honey, 2 liters of wine, 200 cigarettes or cigars, and for the importation of medicines need permission from the Ministry of health. For a full list of items for Moldova you can find at the post office or search the Internet.
All components of the pack parcels so that they are not broken and will not spill during transportation. Open box Express: the postal worker could check the contents of parcels.
Complete the customs Declaration form CN 23 in 5 copies. In it you will need to specify the surname, name, patronymic of the sender and of the addressee, full address of the sender and recipient, the name, quantity and weight of items in parcel, the nature of the shipment. If the shipment is commercial and it costs more than 2000 $, you will need to attach the invoice.
The recipient's address on the box write in Latin letters. The name of the country can be written as Moldova or Republic of Moldova. Index of Moldova consists of the letters MD in the beginning, a hyphen and four digits. For example, the index of Chisinau MD – 2001.
Checking the correctness, the postal worker will close and tape the box. You will only have to pay for shipping. To calculate the approximate cost in advance, using autofrettage on the website of the Russian post.
To package was delivered faster, you can use the services of courier and transport companies. Usually tariffs are higher, but there are advantages. Parcels whose value exceeds the $ 200 are subject to duty. Some courier services have the status of a customs broker, which means they will help the recipient to clear the parcel when it will arrive to Moldova. Of course, this service is also not free.