Methods of performing these types of exercises is divided into several stages.


As a basic and elementary exercises can be applied alternately bending the legs of the child. The baby should attempt to commit such actions under the guidance of an adult. Exercise should be done six or seven times. Very slowly at first, then gradually speeding up.

To reach the sticks

The next step may be to use more sophisticated exercise. The child lies on the back. The parent keeps at a certain height stick. The child's task is to try to reach up to the sticks. The frequency of repeating this exercise 7 times.

Hold your knees

The following exercise is aimed at the development of complex muscles, including muscles of the legs. Initial position of child – stand with your back to an adult. Right hand, an adult must hold the child trunk and the left to hold his knees. This kind of exercise contributes to the development of the muscles of the back, legs, belly. Also an important point of this exercise is that it should be used a favorite toy of the child, which is placed at his feet. The adult should ask the child to reach for toys. During exercise it is necessary to ensure that the child's legs were in a straight position. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

Squats with support

To run it you need an adult to keep the child's hands in the rings. You need to give the child a ring, then easily pulling them down, then hold the baby in this position for two seconds or three, and then give him the opportunity to rise. You can also ask toddler to stand on tiptoes to do this, we must take it by the handle and slightly pull up. This exercise should be repeated 2 times.

Favorite position - on all fours

At this stage the child should walk on all fours. This type of exercise will contribute to the development of the muscles of the arms, legs, stomach and back. Also in this exercise will be useful to kid's favorite toy. It should be put at a certain distance from the crumbs and tell him to get to her. The child got the toy, he will need to move on all fours. With the moment of approach of the child to the toy it should move away from him.


The last exercise is to ensure that the child has tried to make steps. Putting it in its original position on his feet while holding his hands, ask him to do a few steps. When performing exercises child keep.

These exercises can be alternated or performed in the complex: all of them are sufficiently good and will strengthen the musculoskeletal system of the baby.