Download special iTunes. This can be done by visiting the official website of the manufacturer of the iPhone. Please note that using Skype is absolutely free (it is the use and not the downloading of content). Don't forget about the second program - iRinger, which is also free of charge.
Run the installed program iRinger, then go to section called iPhone Ringtones. Add the tunes that you intend to use as a ringtone. To do this, click on the Import button (the one with a zip) and specify the path to the folder that contains the necessary files to Mp3, Wav and others. Click on the track and press "Open".
Wait while the selected melody will be converted by the program into a format understood by the phone Apple iPhone. If you want to check the result, listen to the track by clicking on the Preview button.
Now press Export (it is the image notes), and then Go!. In the folder with all of your default documents directory appear the iPhone Ringtones. You'll need it later to store other ringtones. Please note that you will be able to convert to only add one ringtone. Therefore, to maintain, for example, two tracks follow these steps the same number of times.
Now launch iTunes, under Library, select "Ringtones". First find the folder that you created with the ringtones iPhone Ringtones and click the "Add folder to library". Now go to "Devices", click on your phone name right in front of tick labels to "Sync ringtones".
Take the iPhone itself, go to menu "Settings", then "Sounds" and "call". You will see an updated list of ringtones that you can set as ringtone.