As a rule, at the beginning of last school year, discuss the question, as will be the exhaust. This usually requires the solution of many organizational matters, including financial. Small funds and provide for the issue of the newspaper, especially if you want to order its production in the printing. The issue of ordinary wall paper requires less money, but paper, paint, markers, colored paper, money for printing photos, you will definitely need.
Work on the design of the newspaper, at least start a couple of months before graduation. You have to pick up a lot of material, and the design may take more than one day.
Determine who will deal with the newspaper. You need to at the issue answered at least a few people. Very well, if the editorial Board will include guys who have a little experience in journalism. If not, then look for friends of newsmen. They might be able to throw some interesting ideas and to give any technical advice.
Ideas for your future newspaper can be search the Internet. Of course, well, if you have your own. But don't be afraid to use and the finished projects. Anyway you have other classmates, teachers, events, with you in school was a unique story, so no repetitions.
Gather and make a preliminary plan for the future of the newspaper. Think of what you can see her at all. Maybe you want to make it like the plot of "the time machine", in frames of newsreels, vintage Caravel or modern comics. Maybe you decide to make everything "simple but tasteful" and place beautiful photos, interviews, memories of teachers, parents, funny stories, etc.
Determine what materials you will need for registration. Begin to collect photos of the baby (even with two to three years), modern, story photo. Surely each of you have been to some other classes, participated in competitions and festivals, go Hiking, etc. to See it again and remember to be nice.
Ask them to write each graduate the most interesting, memorable, funny, etc. the time of his school career. It can be inserted or the album, or in your newspaper.
Take the interview, if possible, the first teacher of this class, as well as someone from the subject teachers, the homeroom teacher. You can ask them to make wishes to the graduates.
When you decide what material for the paper is sufficient, make its layout. Plan exactly where everything will be placed, which need signatures, etc. it May be that something else is not enough. Work on additions and proceed to implement their ideas.