Advice 1: How to get to Domodedovo airport

Domodedovo is one of the main airports in the country, but it is not so close to the city. Therefore, in order to quickly and comparator to get to him, you will have to choose among a number of ways.
How to get to Domodedovo airport
You will need
  • Money for a ticket or car
Way by private car or taxi (pick official carriers Domodedovo) can take a considerable amount of time, so before you go be sure to track traffic jams on the highway. To get to Domodedovo can be on the Kashirskoe highway. The airport, incidentally, is located at a distance of 22 km from MKAD.
Favored by many way to get to the airport Domodedovo the Aeroexpress train from Paveletsky train station. High-speed train will whisk you to the airport in 40 minutes. The train schedule can be found on the website of Aeroexpress. In the daytime trains leave every half hour.
From Paveletsky station you can also get to Domodedovo by train. He goes to the airport with multiple stops along the route, so the journey time is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.
If you're a fan of buses from the metro station "Domodedovo" to airport of Domodedovo airport there are Express buses and taxis. Sending them every 15 minutes, journey time of about half an hour.

Advice 2: How to get to Domodedovo airport

Domodedovo is one of the three major airports of Moscow air hub, as well as throughout the country. Departures from the airport are available around the clock, so you can get there at any time. There are several ways to get to Domodedovo, everyone can choose for themselves the optimum balance of speed, price and comfort.
How to get to Domodedovo airport


The fastest way to get to Domodedovo from Moscow city centre is to take the air train. The terminal is located at the Paveletsky train station and Paveletskaya. Aeroexpress is a comfortable high-speed train, which goes non-stop. Journey time is 40 minutes. Trains leave every half hour, but just in case, we recommend you check the schedule.
In the carriages of the Express train have Wi-Fi, also there you can eat: guides will offer you snacks and drinks.


This option will also allow you to get to the airport, bypassing all the traffic jams and obstructions on the road, but, in comparison with the Express train, the ticket for the train costs about 2-3 times cheaper. However in the journey time also increases slightly, as is the usual train, and she follows with all stops. The exact travel time depends on the schedule, but usually it is about 1 hour 10 minutes or slightly more.

Bus and taxi

For those who get from the southern part of Moscow, are usually not too convenient to go downtown to catch the train from there. In this case, you can use regular bus or taxi. From m. Domodedovskaya Domodedovo walk like modern spacious buses and small taxis.

Both types of traffic on the way make stops, the journey time is approximately 30 minutes, if no obstacles on the road. The buses start going at 6 am and finish at 00:00, the headway is 15 minutes. Taxis operate around the clock, their interval is also 15 minutes, but at night (from 00:00 to 06:00) this increases to 40 minutes.
There is a bus from the suburbs of Moscow: he travels from Ryazan, making stops in Lukhovitsy and Kolomna. Complete journey time is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Own car or taxi

If you have a car, then get it in Domodedovo on their own is not difficult. You can also use any of Moscow taxi. The airport is located on the Kashira highway, it is deleted from MKAD 22 km Riding on Kashirskoe highway, follow the signs to turn off the road in the right place.

At the airport there are several Parking lots, the total capacity is more than 5000 vehicles vehicles. There are Parking spaces for persons with disabilities, to the entrances to the airport, they are the closest. There are both free and paid Parking. If you have restricted your stay Parking up to 15 minutes, then pay and have nothing.
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