Treatment for intestinal disorders

From suckers to months may develop dyspepsia. Characterized by toxemia, diarrhea, growth retardation. Treat diarrhea "Chloramphenicol", the decoctions of oak bark, and other drugs.

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At weaning the piglets from the uterus and transfer them to a new diet may cause gastroenteritis. There are signs: increased thirst, blue Piglet, the ears, the lower part of the abdominal wall. Kids become lethargic, lose weight, diarrhoea replaced the constipation.

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At the first sign of sickness pigs washed stomach saline 0,9% solution. Fed laxative "magnesium Sulfate" 15-25 grams, vegetable oil 1 teaspoon added to food. Also give decoctions of oats, barley, rice. If the pig does not drink alone, do it forcibly, turn the bottle sideways in her mouth and gently (not choked) poured at one time to 100 grams of broth.

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When gastroenteritis helps infusion of onion or garlic. 500 ml of boiled water take 50 g of the product, insist and is fed 2 times a day a tablespoon. Dehydration and to maintain the body it is necessary to inject the saline with the "Glucose" in the amount of 15-20 ml twice a day.

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Not do treatment without antibiotics (Biomitsin", "Penicillin" 3000 IU per 1 kg of body weight 2 times a day), solution of "Novocain" to 1.5% (10ml per day). Pigs should always be clean water, vitamins included in the diet is mandatory.

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Common diseases in piglets

Often piglets are sick the respiratory system, develops pneumonia. It is important to timely detect and begin treatment. If there are signs of fatigue, coughing, feed refusal, fever should go to the veterinarian.

Piglets in this period are placed in a warm dry room. They give "Norsulfazol" 0,4-0,05 g per 1 kg of live weight, "Sulfadimidine", "Ftalazol" 1 tablet 3 times a day. The drug is dissolved in water and fed, or put in the mouth on the tongue, the animal swallows them. Prescribed "Penicillin" or "Bitsillin-3" (15 000 Units per 1 kg of live weight).

At 3 months of age and older juveniles can get sick with erysipelas. The infected are separated from healthy animals and introduce them protivorazgonnoy serum at the rate of 2 ml per 1 kg of live weight, and a week doing the vaccine.

Quite common in pigs invasive disease. When infected by parasites, they eat poorly, are stunted, there is a disproportionately big belly. Treat worms "Salts of piperazine", which is added to feed.

Vaccinated in a timely manner, a balanced diet and maintenance of young in good conditions – the key to healthy livestock and greater weight gain.