You will need
  • - insulin syringe;
  • is drug;
  • rabbit.
Stock up on all the necessary pet medical supplies: disposable insulin syringes, prescribed vitamins and medicines, antibiotics, sedative and analgesic. Purchase a digital scale to know the weight of the animal. This will help to correctly calculate the dose of the drug.
как делать внутри мышечные инъекции собаке
Dial the desired amount of medication into the syringe, release all the air, sending the needle up. Ask someone to hold the rabbit gently, but firmly, to pet flinched at the moment of injectionand needle.
построить 2 х местную клетку
Speak with the pet calm and gentle, at the same time grab a fold of skin between the shoulder blades or in the shoulder area. Usually this place the animals less sensitive. Pierce the skin, but do not attempt to enter the entire needle. Gently squeeze the contents of the syringe, not paying attention to the reaction of the pet.
строительство клеток для кролей
After unpleasant for the rabbit procedure pet the animal, praise and give a favorite treat. Watch the pet, tell him if he's nervous. If it is something bad, call the vet.
как лечить ринит у кроликов
You can put the injection intramuscularly in the rear thigh muscles. This injected medication is absorbed more quickly, because muscle tissue contains larger blood vessels than subcutaneous. But this method is pretty painful, so keep the rabbit tight.
как вылечить декаративных кроликов от паноса
Animal skin has some disinfectant properties, so no need to wipe the injection site with alcohol. But you can use efficient or chlorhexidine, if fear of infection. Do not use a needle twice.
If something goes wrong, or the injection will be very painful and the rabbit may go into shock and die. Let's get together with the drug something calming and analgesic. Take care of the health of Pets, so you don't have to hurt them. Consult your vet about the necessary vaccinations and vitamins, strictly follow the instructions of the specialist.